X-Poker: Clubs, Rakeback And Secure Access

This site is not a Gambling platform

All information posted on the Site is for informational purposes onlyThe app is very similar To PPPoker, a platform for Playing for virtual chips, where You can create your own clubs.

Xpoker was created by the Malaysian company Funnygames, which is Part of the largest Dutch Media holding Talpa Network, the Leader of the European casual Games market.

At the moment, there is One club that plays hold'Em and Omaha with limits From $ to $, there are OFC And Chinese poker tables. Our players receive a Deposit Security guarantee and a VIP Rakeback deal. In this review, we've Covered all the features of The new app in detail: Of the rake and the Traffic and reliability. As with all mobile poker Rooms with a club system, In X poker the rake And rakeback amount may vary Depending on the club. WPD players get the best Rakeback deal, regardless of the club.

The Commission is set at The creation of each table, But in most cases it Has a size of with Caps of up to BB.

This is the standard rail Size for most applications. Fire! This room accepts players from Russia! Get access to Respond quickly! David Manager of Asian Rooms Skype Telegram WhatsApp Email at The cash tables, a jackpot Is drawn in the prize Pool of which.-BB is deducted from every BB in the Bank.

In order for the bonus To work, you must lose The hand at least from Full houses with three jacks.

The most active nl PLO Limits are$ up to - tables. Above, usually - tables are played Per limit. Most of the game is Collected in the evening hours Of Moscow time, because the Main traffic is European players.

X-poker is a new Mobile poker room launched in The fall of

So far, the total cache Traffic in X-poker is Not even close it does Not reach its competitors, and The game is not going To be released at all Limits, which is quite normal For a new application. You probably won't be Able to play only here, But finding a couple of Tables as additional ones is Why you should add Xpoker. X-poker is primarily a Platform for playing on conditional Chips, so there is no Gaming license at all. At the same time, there Is a valid RNG certificate From Gaming Labs, valid until, Issued to Pony Technology Co, Limited. All financial issues are resolved With the club's Creator. Therefore, the main way to Avoid contact with scammers is To choose the right affiliate agent. We cooperate only with trusted Clubs and provide guarantees for The safety of player deposits. The room only has an Agency sales register. Transfers are processed using cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin or USDT within hours. No commissions are charged to players. Those of you who have Played poker apps are familiar With this system transactions. It is already well-established And is no worse than A direct sales register.

As mentioned earlier, X Poker Is a club app.

This means that the lobby Doesn't have a shared Table list.

Games are only available within A club or Union that Has its own tables, game Types and limits, and even The cost of chips.

As well as the conditions For joining. How to get there? By invitation via agents.

It is very important to Choose well-known or trusted Affiliate agents who can offer Financial guarantees.

This is one of the Indicators of reliability. Write to us to get More information or a test Account with all the clubs To check the current traffic.

Request your ID from our Manager.

After that, enter the received Number in the main menu Of the app and send A request. The app supports devices running On Android and iOS. Download the applet from the Official website, as well as From Google Play and the App Store. There is no client for The PC, but you can Run the room on it Using an emulator, for example, LDPlayer this is not prohibited By the X-poker rules. Multi-tabling is available - you Can play up to tables From one account.

Switching between tables takes place Through special panels at the Top of each table.

There is no support for Trackers and Huds yet, but There are built-in statistics That can be accessed after Purchasing a VIP card.

Players of our site can Get such a card for A month for free, just By playing a little rake. The client is Russified, not Overloaded with graphic elements, and Works very quickly. That is, the room has Standard mobile software, but it Is well optimized for any Device the experience of developers In the field of games For gadgets affected. Who, in the end, will Be most suitable for the New mobile room X poker? Right now, we would recommend That you take a closer Look at it for players Of low and medium limits Who are already rolling in Poker apps, in order to Download an additional - tables of The working limit. Worldpokerdeals has extensive experience in The poker affiliate market. Our level of contact with It allows you to offer The best deals, and a Team of managers to provide A fast and attentive service. Write to our Manager and They will tell you in Detail how to make transfers In this poker room:.

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