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To start playing at World Poker Club

World Poker Club is an Online poker game developed for Social platforms by Crazy Panda Back inYou can play World Poker Club online for free in Many social networks, but the Most popular app is in Contact, Odnoklassniki and mail. you must have an account In one of the social Networks where this app is available. For example, if you are Registered on Vkontakte, click the Games tab and enter the Word poker in the search bar. A search will show you A list of available online Poker apps, and at the Top of that list will Be the World Poker Club game. Just click the World Poker Club link and the app Will automatically launch. As soon As you have Logged in for the first Time World Poker Club. You are automatically awarded a Certain number of chips conditional Currency, which You can use To play poker. If you know the rules Of poker, you can start Playing immediately by selecting a Suitable table or clicking the "Play" button.

the system will automatically select A suitable table for you.

If you have never played Poker before, you can complete The training by clicking the "Training" tab in the main Lobby of the World Poker Club. There are two types of Poker available at World Poker Club: Texas hold'em – The most popular type of Poker, and Omaha.

In turn, the following types Of games are available to Users: "Holdem Rooms Omaha" Game Tables are divided into several Types: USSR, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, East, America and Private tables.

The only difference between these Types of tables is the Betting limits, except for private tables. Private tables are created directly By the players themselves and May require a password to Log in. In the same way in World Poker Club also distributes The limits of Sit n Go tournaments. Beginners, Amateurs, League, Private club And Private tables.

The world Poker Club game Currency is chips that have No financial value, i.e.

the entire game at World Poker Club is free. Although you can always buy Chips for real money, keep In mind that you can'T sell them or convert Them into money. If you want to play Online poker for real money.

The same goes for other Social networks

the best way to do This is at Titan Poker. Tip for players: do not Try to search the Internet And use secret codes or Cheats for the World Poker Club game.

You may be banned from The World Poker Club or Even worse, you will end Up on the site of Intruders who will hack Your Account, especially since there is No value in cheating chips And you can use the World Poker Club bonuses to Replenish them for free.

Free to refill your chips In World Poker Club there Are several types of bonuses Like: bonus for a daily Visit, a bonus for successful Bonus for joining the World Poker Club. Another option to add chips Is to become a croupier, Who receives a percentage of The game of other players At the table. To become a croupier, use The respect points that you Can get for free from Other users. Wheel of fortune-located at The top of the main Lobby near the "World Poker Club" logo in the form of. It is a slot machine Where you can play for Coins, chips or respect. If you are lucky, you Can hit a large jackpot, Naturally in the game currency That you played for. The "Buddies" feature is World Poker Club players. you can quickly find them In the game and join Them at the table. You can become a friend With any player, even if They are not your friend On the social network. "Invite" button-allows you To invite other users to The game, for which you Will receive bonuses. To get the bonus, you Need the user to go To the game using Your Link and install the World App for the first time Poker Club and made at Least one bet. VIP status-granted to the Player on a paid basis For seven days and gives Some advantages: free use of The odds calculator silomer, saving The combo bonus, exclusive gifts, Special tables for club members, Access to private chats, etc.

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