Who can help you win at poker

What only ways do not resort to players

In the high-tech world, you can't do without assistants in the gaming field

In order to win.

And this is undoubtedly a real-time advantage that such assistants exist and help. For example, the initial stages are well supported by applications that collect statistics not only on your game, but also on the tactics and strategies of your opponents. To such programs safely we include Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker. Those who have an advanced level use gambling calculators that show all possible moves at the poker table, simulating the game with different variations. Such applications are assistants and it is forbidden to use them in this game. To get a clear understanding of what programs are forbidden to use, you can refer to the list posted on the PokerStars website. The list listed on the PokerStars website is worth checking out. In order not to get into a mess, the player must firmly know what is allowed by the rules and what exactly cannot be applied. For example, such a ban applies to programs that clearly regulate advice to the player. Such tools will reflect poker tables, all the moves of working options, taking into account the course of the game. Applications that are programmed for complex counting are prohibited: solutions in a specific time interval, Nash equilibrium, or IBM calculation. This includes the auto-folder. The purpose of this hint is to help the player analyze their behavior at the table in order to find the best solution. Such programs are divided into several types. As has been said already. The task of such programs is to calculate equity using the Nash equilibrium.  they also do an excellent job of making ICM decisions. Analyzing the game, the app provides the optimal solution for winning. The basis of this program is ICM. It is forbidden to sit down at the table with this application. ICM Trainer is a mini copy of the first extension created by Pokerstrategy. Goal: specify and suggest the correct spin folds. Although this is a godsend for some gamers, it is forbidden to use it during the game. SitnGo Wizard is an insidious program that would calculate the expectation. Issues recommendations in a tournament competition. If you look at the versions, then starting from it is forbidden to use when PokerStars is running. SimpleNash-a program that calculates equilibrium strategies.

She recommends push-fold and raise-fold solutions.

It is not prohibited if it is used for SnG or MTT.  it is also suitable for strategic cash games based on SSS strategy and at CAP tables. HoldemResources Calculator - a good application that allows you to use the full version without additional investment.

Extensive database of all possible tactics.

Counts push fold, ICM, Restyle and re-raises.

It is allowed to be used for MTT or SnG.

Equilab-a program created by the PokerStrategy school. This strategic find will quickly calculate your and your opponent's equity. By tracking the movement and exit of cards from the game, it replaces equity according to changes at the poker table. CardRunners EV-this calculator is suitable for players who have experience in the poker game. Develops poker thinking, helps to calculate the options after the cards are dealt. There is an opinion that the calculator is difficult to perceive. Therefore, it is recommended for either professionals or experienced game lovers.  also, by building a tree of events, you get understanding your equity when playing cards. This group is intended for issuing tips to the player. The gamer chooses the optimal solution for his street within a given stack range. SimplePostflop-a program based on GTO. Improves post-flop gameplay. When a variation of hands is made, it gives a tip for the player.

PokerSnowie-a program for game analysis.

His actions do not involve interference a gambler

If the player is scrupulous in finding solutions to the completed game and finding mistakes made, this tool will come in handy. The action is based on collecting complete information about the game, after which the game is rated, and advice is given on how to improve the games. These programs are not a complete list of existing assistants. There are also less common versions that are ready to support the player right during the distribution of cards. The variety of programs gives the player an advantage in time to make a decision. Then the security service recognizes the use of the tool and blocks it. Each player is on their own decides for itself which way to choose: dishonest with the help of a gadget or honest with the help of its analytical abilities. Special voice guidance also allows you not to waste time and break away from the game. Such hints are rarely recognized by other poker rooms and give a head start to those players who prefer to use such hints. The advantage of such messages is that the presentation of information takes place in an unusual context for a person. The advice is given not in the usual text, but by a specific sound or voice signal. Such assistants are not widely publicized, so their names are not publicly available. These programs search for tables where weak players are gathered.  also, there will not be a regular player at the selected table, who spends all his free time playing the game, earning experience. TableScan Turbo is an easy-to-understand program. When the user sets the parameters, it quickly finds a suitable table, puts the player in an automatic queue for start of the game process. SessionLord is an ideal option for multi-tabling. Automatically adjusts to the decisions that are favorable for the player, and also selects the table that fits all the specified parameters. This choice is based on the game statistics of a particular gamer, so this software is prohibited in PokerStars. SharkyStrator - instant registration to participate in SnG tournaments. Based on the specified conditions, selects a weak line-up of gamers at a particular table. The programs are built in such a way that the player is completely played by an automated bot.

The user needs to make the necessary settings, according to which the further game and decision-making at the gambling table will be built.

Such bots are strictly prohibited in poker rooms and are severely punished. Having learned that the game is not a real person, but a ban, the security service excludes the player from the game, blocks it, and all funds in the gamer's account go to the Treasury of gaming sites. However, it is worth giving an approximate list for get acquainted with these programs: WarBot, Poker Bot, POKERobot, Shanky Bot, Online Poker Bot, Open Holdem Bot. This is not a complete list of automated bots, but this list is enough to understand how they work. All programs, despite their separation, according to the principle of the same structure. All the player needs to do is purchase a bot, set it up, and follow the rest of the game. Manufacturers claim that the entered settings guarantee prizes for easy or medium-level games in any of the disciplines: MTT, Spin Go, SnG, as well as cash games. Being in the public domain for players, such hints are naturally known to the security services. The use of this type of software entails a ban. However, even if you haven't used the bot and it's on your computer, it won't save you from being banned from the game. Developers of new products do not give such tools names and do not advertise them to the General public. Therefore, most often all developments take place on an individual basis, taking into account: features of this gamer. Historical facts and interesting interpretations of the game deck. What the founders put into the card deck. What was the use of playing pictures in the history of mankind? In this article, you will learn the key principles of playing third street, i.e. how to play certain combinations in the second trading round (flop). All of this applies to hold'em with a fixed limit. In the st century, poker has really gained tremendous popularity - poker players should be grateful to a person whose name they probably haven't even heard. We are talking about Henry Orenstein-the author of the card camera. Poker is considered to be one of the most popular games on the planet, with a very interesting and very rich history. Due to its popularity, poker has gathered an incredible number of legends and superstitions, interesting facts and records that will definitely be interesting for both beginners and experienced players.

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