Tips for novice cash players from the authors of Upswingpoker

But where there is money in poker, there is competition

Do you like poker? Then you probably played cash at least once or twiceSome people prefer tournament poker, but the convenience and accessibility of cash games can hardly be overestimated. A deep stack makes the game harder, but the average hourly pay for players is much higher. The best cash players can shovel money anywhere they find a casino or poker room. It turns out that many people want to row money with a shovel. Who would have thought it?What to play-cash or tournaments In this article we will here are tips for cash players that will allow you to increase your advantage over your opponents.

And in cash games, there is competition at any limit

These tips will be revealed to us by Douglas Polk and Ryan Fee. These guys have been specializing in cash games for a long time. But before you go directly to the tips, you need to determine if cache is the right game for you. But behind all these advantages lies one huge drawback - complexity. Everyone wants to live the simple, low-variance life of a successful cash player, but this is not so easy to achieve. To do this, you will need a long study of the game, dedication and self-discipline. We all know that awful feeling. Pre-flop, your heart starts beating faster when you see the cherished AK. But the dealer lays out the flop.

And all your hopes and dreams are blown away.How to play A-K if they didn't flop in the first situation, contrary to popular belief, it's best to check.

If we bet and the opponent raises, then we are in a difficult situation. Our hand it's strong enough, but we shouldn't overestimate it. According to Doug Polk, if you are at least somewhat hooked on the flop (for example, there is a flash draw or straight draw), it is better to check and call your opponent's bet.How to play "problematic" starting hands in the second situation, our hand is not strong enough to check-call, but it is great for bluffing. We have outs to improve, and a cloud of cards on the turn will give us a backdoor draw with which we can bet. Douglas recommends betting on this flop in most cases. Unlike the previous flop, here we can easily give up on an opponent's raise.

In the third situation, don't invent anything.

It is best to check fold and start a new hand. This flop is terrible not only because it didn't help us in any way, but also because it fits your opponent's preflop call range perfectly. We'll just throw away our money if we try to invent something here. Therefore, throw out your cards in the pass. Cash games are full of limpers. But they are all different. How generally, a Limper is a typical "fish" who wants to see as many flops as possible on the cheap. You can hardly blame them for this, as throwing cards into a pass is probably the least interesting part of playing poker.When I see a player limping over and over again, it triggers as an invitation to pick up their chips. But what is the best way to do this? Ryan Fee has opinions on this subject, each of which will be correct depending on the situation.How to play against Hyper-aggressive players Theoretically, it makes a lot of sense. Most people will not limp with absolute garbage, that is, the player seems to declare that he has a hand, he is interested in playing. And here are a few factors you should look out for to narrow your range before you run into a limp: How much do you need to narrow your range if you notice these factors? Ryan Fee considers the following cutoff RFI and Cutoff Vs Limp ranges as an example. A tight game against a Limper is theoretically the right approach. But sometimes there are situations when in practice it is worth playing differently. Often, the level or style of play of the opponent encourages us to expand the range of the raise, thereby making money in hands that we would normally ignore. When you isolate such limpers preflop in most cases, you will end up playing the pot in position against a weak player. They are more likely to make mistakes, they are unlikely to play some crazy game. Most likely, they will play standard fit or fold poker. That is, if they have a hand, they will continue the game, if not, they will throw out the cards in the pass. At low limits, -betting can get you into a lot of trouble, but the higher you go up the limits, the more necessary this technique becomes in your Arsenal as a defense of the opening range. If you -bet only with the strongest hands [AA, KK, DD, AK], then your opponents will very often get away with -betting you with the least amount of money. risk management.Learning how to place -bet and -bet correctly So you need to choose the right hand and situation for -bet. For this purpose, suited Aces that can collect the so-called "wheel" are ideal: A, A, A, A.

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