Three top poker apps for Android Droider

It is her brainchild that leads on the iPhone

Today we will tell you about the three best poker apps for AndroidEach of them has already been downloaded several million times and each has very positive reviews and ratings. All apps will be considered in terms of playability, design, interface, and some other factors.

Naturally, each of these applications has all the modern options and features: virtual gifts (hundreds of gifts), chats, tournaments, cash games, CIS, heads-UPS, free chips, various bonuses, promotions, prize draws, achievements and much more. In this case, they are almost equal, so these chips are they will not be considered.

Let's go! Everyone or many people know what the word “Zynga " means. This is a world-famous company that produces apps and games for various devices, as well as for social networks. It is her creation (Zynga Poker) that has a monopoly on the Facebook market. But Android is a different kind of beast, so Zynga is content with only second place. A key feature of Zynga Poker is the connectivity of all the places where the app is installed. You play via Facebook, your smartphone or any other device-it doesn't matter, you will always use the same account. This is very convenient. But this also creates the biggest drawback of the app: if you're not on Facebook, then you can't play Zynga Poker. Let's move on to the interface and design. Everything here is very high-quality, although the app is free. Each avatar is different, there are different color schemes, and in General, the entire interface is convenient and practical. Has the same cross-platform system that and Zynga. That is, you can play via iPhone, social media, and, of course, Android, but you always have one account. This poker network has an official website - Pokerist. Poker in this app looks nice and comfortable to play. Large online display, various display options.

Another very popular app that ranked in the Top

For example, it can be like this: the Main drawback is the lack of development of the interface.

As you can see, when serious action happens at the table, the eyes run away and it is difficult to understand what is happening.

This is the leader.

The app has been downloaded more than million times.

It's free, just like the previous two toys. What makes it stand out? The design and level of sophistication of the interface deserves a poker Oscar.

Nothing superfluous, everything is very nice and convenient. Pay attention to how much space is left at the game table. Compare it to the Texas Poker app and see the difference. Moreover, this is not just a poker app, but a whole system that notifies you about the latest events. about upcoming events, requests, monitors your game, and gives you tips.

Naturally, it is connected to Facebook, but not by blood ties, like Zynga, so everyone can play here.Live Holdem Poker Pro has no drawbacks, and if it does, they are corrected very quickly.

Our absolute favorite is definitely the third contender of Live Holdem Poker, he takes first place and gets a gold medal.

For zynga's strong attachment to Facebook, its app gets silver.

Completing the Trinity is the creation of KamaGames. Its design and interface are not good enough. Poker on your phone is available to everyone, but not every application is worthy of a player's attention.

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