The Whole Truth About Poker And

So let's start with The devices

When I was not yet Familiar with poker, I used To squander money in machines And bookmakersAnd believe me, the apparatuses, The beeches, the poker of The same field of berries. And I will analyze each Of these structures in detail In order to justify this hypothesis. When we go to the Vending machines, we know that Sooner or later, due to The negative return, we will Leave everything there. And occasionally we will be Lucky if we sit on A well-fed place and Spend half a day there After someone's big loss. But we will believe in Our own luck and will Not realize that the slot Machine just leveled its Deposit Cashout ratio. Roughly speaking, rubles were poured Into the device for the Entire time, and it has The right to issue no More than rubles.

That is, we just need Returned someone else's under-Delivery percentage,but no more.

Roughly speaking, we pay the Same margin and rake for Our game.

Well, give me one more Please please

This is about the bonus game. When you need another figure To start the bonus round. By analogy with poker, we Were given pockets, but there Is still no set on The turn or on the River, we pay a margin Of - percent from each of Our bets.

The amount of interest depends On the type of bid, The greed of the office, And so on.

That is, it is the Same rake. Let's say there are Two tennis players, both of Whom are approximately equal in Their game. There is no draw in tennis. And the probability of winning Each will be. That is, the coefficient for Each person's victory will Theoretically be equal to to And will be expressed as For each person's victory.

But the bookmaker takes these Coefficients and simply includes his Margin in them, and these Turn into, say.

And if we put somewhere Else, we will already be In the red, even if This match has not yet started. As the saying goes: BC Does not matter where you Bet or who wins, it Earns even before the game. Her the task is to Accept approximately the same bet Streams for all outcomes. Now think about the notorious Poker distance and imagine if You made not one, but bets? That's right, your bankroll Will decrease in any case. Even if you guessed most Of the match results. And now I advise you To relax from the numbers And listen to the same Lamentations of the betting shop players. When a player doesn't Want to win and doesn'T seem to want to Play, it's a conspiracy In their opinion and they Merge the match or the Referee helps the other player. Or opinions are expressed that He made a bet against himself.

Poker just doesn't give You good cards.

You are being knocked over By the RNG. And there's a bot Teamplay all around you.

One event in the Express Train did not reach and All the others played.

And if I say that The Express train is as Difficult to carry as the Runner runner, I will be Right in concluding with my conclusions. In poker, everyone wants to Win equally. Everyone has the same opportunities To read literature and study. But poker is far from A game of skill. If you are learning something, Inevitably, your other opponents learn The same thing. Consequently, the overall level of The game is growing, but It is still leveling off. Against you are relentless bots With hm and super algorithms, Pokerroom with its wild RNG And the percentage of bitcoins. Remember the number of rivers And crossings your NATs have Taken on them. A little math guys and Turn your head on.

And throw it to calculate The pot odds in relation To the call.

The distance will inevitably delight You and make the pokerroom Earn money, but not you. Send funny pictures, jokes and Memes on the subject of Poker and win real cash prizes.

Quick withdrawals of prize money To your wallet.

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