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Yes, I agree, I wrote It in the next comment

About the sacred temple of Garage, about a practically sacred Place where someone repairs their Iron horse, or in the Company of friends-fans conjures Up a car for tracks Or gets away from his Mother-in-law and wife For the weekend: If you Don't receive an email With your password, please write To url indicating the ip Address from which you logged In to your account, and Any posts that you might Have added or rejectedDon't forget to specify The account itself: About the Sacred temple of Garage, about A practically sacred place where Someone repairs their iron horse, Or in the company of Friends-fans conjures up a Car for tracks or gets Away from his mother-in-Law and wife for the Weekend: Table for playing at home. The maximum game time is hours. Stack, about the kicker - this Is ours, you can not Pay attention! P.S. we Play for chocolate 'Kicker - This is if we had Any controversial moments when if There are two identical combinations, Where the kicker decides the Fate, then we counted it From the top ten. That is, if all the Disputants have a second card On their hand less than A dozen, then the pot Was divided. So we played in order To stretch the fun of The game, but when everyone Began to play much better, We abandoned this item! If the combinations are completely Identical all cards - divide the pot. If they are not identical, It is always easy to Determine the winner without any disputes. That is, in your opinion, If I have an ACE-Three, the opponent has an ACE-two, and there is An ACE-king on the Table, well, let's say I WIN?! In this situation, you have: ACE ACE king Queen three, And the opponent ACE ACE King Queen two. You win by the third kicker. that is, ACE-ACE you Form a pair, then there Are three kickers starting with The biggest it doesn't Matter if they are from The table or from the hand. I'm just trying to Explain the principle to the Author, if he understands, there Will be no disputes. Everything is clear Even if The opponent has A, and You have A, and the Table will be A, K, D and more cards that Will a priori be higher Than both deuces and threes Because if there is a Deuce or a three, then This is the second pair, So the Bank will share In this scenario. Of course, if something else Is on the table, the Kickers will also change. That is, even a -ka Will already make a draw, Because both will have an ACE ACE king Queen -ka. I want to correct that They should have split the Pot, and not he has A better hand. There are cards on the Table and all of them Are clearly more than and Of their hands were made Up of an ACE and Cards from the table.

And if I have, say, Spades, the other card is Not spades, the opponent has Spades, the other card is Also not spades, and on The table, ACE of spades, The last card is not Spades, then the pot is Divided or goes to the opponent? Both you and your opponent Have a flash on spades.

You have an ACE, and The opponent has an ACE. for flushes, the comparison is Similar to kickers, i.e.

starting with the highest one.

In this case, the opponent Wins, because he has the Third card seven against your six. On really these cards on Hand - a bad example to Explain the operation of kickers, As the table five cards And the situation to play A kicker against three deuces Is impossible in principle of The seven card hand is The best five. So if you replace three Of the eight suspended and To add to the table Four and five in the End you have A, enemy A on the table AKQ, Cards assorted, flash none collected, Then you win with a Pair of aces and an Eight kicker, i.e. your combination AAKQ, the combination Of the enemy AAKQ. Kind person, can you help Me and teach me how To quickly count outs and Chances, and how many times I didn't lurk on The Internet, I seem to Understand everything, but in VK, There is such a quiz In one group quot; Count Outsquot;, I constantly don't Agree what I'm doing wrong? three Queens three tens three Nines two sixes one was Counted in the flush for A stronger combination of two pairs. this is still in fact, Counting outs is of little Use, because the opponent's Cards are unknown. They can be approximately known Based on the behavior of The opponent, but they are Never exactly unknown in outs, I roughly figured out, if We have outs, then the Chance of improvement is to ? And to decide whether to Call or pass, I need To take into account the Odds that the Bank offers Me, for example, if there Is $ in the Bank and I need to call $, then The Bank's chances will Be to, and if the Bank's chances are less, Then in fact, it is Profitable for me to fold, i.e. if the Bank Probably because You don't consider the Odds of flush and straight And the beauty of poker Is that it's not Just a probabilistic game, but Rather a psychological one, how Other people play, how they Get nervous, bet, bluff, etc. 'If you have A And the opponent has A, Then you split the pot In half, you both have Aakq combinations.'don't you have to Look at who has what At the autopsy? It is necessary of course, Otherwise the opponent's combination Will be unknown to each other. In this case, in the Result will be the same Hand AAAKQ divide the pot In half Duc I understood This, I thought we should Count the original cards that Are given to players, and Only then everything else.

I wrote about the specified alignment

but I'll know now. Exactly For example, if there Is a Royal Flush on The table, the pot will Be divided between all remaining Players in any case When Playing poker in our country, Everything is quite lively at First, but after drinking cognac For hours, you already notice That the game is not Going on and you are Sitting listening to life stories. The average party lasts hours: D we get Together every Friday after work and sleep Until - in the morning then We go to bed, Wake Up, watch movies and go Home Another example: you have J, the flop is JJ. The opponent has A, but He must throw away your Big bet, putting you a Jack. We get stacks of about, Play, raise the blinds after Rounds of hands, the game Is delayed for - What other Kicker is ? In poker, the -card combination Wins if there is no One combinations of the above Cards, the highest card is taken.

If the cobm cards are Equal, then they go from The first kicker to the Last, until cards are collected, Any high card that is Not included in the combination Can be considered a kicker, That's all.If you and your friend Have aces in their hands And an ACE is on The table.

then the kicker will be Your second card, otherwisewhen all The cards on the table Are older than your second You divide the pot. It would be nice to Add that this is all Relevant for Texas hold'em.

For a classic -card game, It will be a bit different.

For those who haven't Played poker, I strongly advise you.

It's much easier to Play than it sounds. Remember the combinations as you go. The game is good with Friends for drinks. But what is it? ROYAL FLUSH, ROYAL FLUSH, this Is the name of the Most terrible hand in poker, And not 'rashkaversion' - 'Royal flush', Even sounds crazy.

Always burned with the fact That not 'flush', but 'flash' Is spoken.

I've only seen one In my entire life. Or rather, I saw more Than just one. A lot of people.

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