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Has anyone used it or has anything to say about it? sell

The profile was developed for playing at FullTilt Poker tables, but in the process of using it, it confirmed its good achievements on other rooms as wellLet me ask you if this is even possible ? I haven't seen any diagrams for a long time - don't do anything and get paid. What is most interesting is that there are both positive and negative reviews, but the fact is that it works)) I can only say one thing.I'm not a programmer, but such a bot can be a place to be. Judging by the profit, the short stack strategy is hammered into it.

and the player is a potential object of casino enrichment

Man, I want that too.But, I think that the rooms have protection from bots, because they have nowhere to shove their own already)) IMHO, it is Very difficult to beat the casino,because the casino always has its own percentage of profit invested.

a Hiring question, but I have it first of all, according to the schedule, hands were played, the profit is around to Play hands a day from one computer and even with a bot is quite simple, the question is why the fuck sell such a bot for if it earns a month, I note from one computer or ACCA, and this is without bonuses, rakeback, net profit so to speak.

If I were writing a bot, I would sharpen it for a specific room, for a specific game, it is impossible to write a bot that can play everything, even if you are a super genius in poker. Selling a working bot is pale yellow when the room detects it, and with the number of sales, this probability will grow exponentially, they will close all the acces to hell, even with money.

Poker Artificial Intelligence (poker bot) - General discussion-MQL algo-traders Forum

After all, people play for money, for big and not so much

for the purpose of further playing them disguised as a real person (since they are officially prohibited)

It is obvious that one player may have an advantage over another.

I once asked A matemate in the BOS what he thinks about this.

He replied that this advantage is even more difficult to find there.

This should attract smart people, I think

Yes, it is difficult to find an advantage, but at least there it is possible! It is quite realistic to earn more than $ - million in a year if successful. Or more modestly, if the robot will only hit the micro-spacers.

Here mathematical knowledge (game theory and in General) is very important.

Because there are people with such enthusiasm at the time was studying neural networks, for example. You can look for patterns where they are exactly there. Most of them can't do anything useful, because you need to use serious math (all sorts of incomprehensible formulas, etc.) Yes, serious poker rooms (poker stars) are watching, but they are not gods, if you want you can hide it (OCR table recognition, human-like mouse movements, timings and everything, you don't fall at all), this is not a problem.

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About RNG in poker and the Poker RNG program

the RNG in poker stands for random number generator

Each online poker room uses a specific RNG to generate numbers, which is ideal selects a random cardThe numbers are obtained using a very complex formula. This formula is essentially what we call the RNG.

If a poker room player learns the RNG formula used there, they will know what cards will be on the flop, turn, or river, and they will also know the face-down cards of other players.

As every poker player understands, this will give a dominant advantage to the scammer hacker. It is important to note that online poker rooms change their RNG every two weeks, and some even every week. While this doesn't stop hackers trying to find a new RNG, it slows them down a lot. Random number generation is such a broad field that you can even get a degree in this field and become a master. Random number generators produce random numbers using different methods. They use modern computer installations for their production, which led to the hacking of the RNG by a group of hackers. currently, other methods are used, such as radio frequencies. There is software that claims in the description that they can track the RNG of a poker room and predict community cards, other players cards, and so on. Poker RNG is software whose developers claim that their program can understand the RNG formula of online poker rooms. In this way, you can predict the appearance of community cards to dominate the flop, and recognize the two face-down cards of other players at the table.

The way this works is that you drive your private cards and known community cards into the software (a screenshot of the actual software is shown below).

Then, based on your database (which was built by you), you will be shown which cards will appear on the flop, as well as which two pocket cards your opponents have at the table with. As we wrote in the previous section, you will need to create a database for your Poker RNG. For each different databases are required for each online poker room.

By the way, different databases are needed even for cash games and tournaments.

The database is created by you, since it is the user who drives their pocket cards and known community cards into the software. Poker RNG uses the database you entered to figure out the shuffling system of the random number generator. In order for the software to predict cards with. accuracy, there must be more than, hands in the database (depending on the poker room). Before the database is generated, the software cannot accurately predict maps. There are different levels of accuracy depending on the number of hands entered in the database. You enter data manually (your cards and community cards), and only the full hand is considered in the database if it has reached the river. So to build a database of hands, you actually have to play more than hands. This is very important to pay attention to if you are serious thinking about buying a Poker RNG.

Because it takes a lot of time before you build the database.

Also, once the database is built, you should play approximately to hands per week to keep the database up to date.

As we have already mentioned, most poker rooms change their RNG every two weeks.

Therefore, the Poker RNG database needs to be updated. With a sample size of to hands, you will see some results, but mostly it will be low accuracy results. Keep in mind what was said about accuracy above. The level of accuracy will not be high if there is no constant accuracy. If it jumps from the minimum to and back from to the minimum, then accuracy will not be stable indicators for each hand. With this selection, you'll notice more matches and better results. You will see an accuracy of approximately, but it will not be stable. With this sample, you'll see higher accuracy and more direct hits.

However, no computer can choose a completely random number

But keep in mind that until the results are displayed as in each hand, this is not the optimal level. You will have at least hands out of matched. You are very close to being completely accurate. You will see accurate results in hands out of, a lot of direct hits, and several times almost all the data will be correct. You should now be very close or have already reached accuracy for all hands. If you don't see the river often enough, your database will need more information about the hands you entered. However, almost none of the poker rooms will allow the use of external poker software that will work simultaneously with their servers. If online poker rooms find out that a player is using external programs for collusion or other types of fraud, they will temporarily close the account until the investigation is completed. After they believe (and don't have to prove) that the player cheated, they will close the account permanently and withdraw money from the account. the game account. Some poker rooms, including Party Poker, look for software that works simultaneously with their poker client and try to track the cheating of players (mostly poker bots). However, the Poker RNG does not need to be used on the same computer that you are playing poker on. You just need to enter data into the database and check the predictions, so there will be no connection between the programs if you use two computers.

Thus, it cannot be detected by poker rooms.

The only people who could answer this question are those who actually used this program.

However, if someone used it and later said it didn't work, would you really believe them? If this program works, then it is only natural that competitors will try to discredit it. However, the editors of our website have big doubts that this program really works. Follow up on according to our logic, Online poker rooms earn at least a million dollars a night each. If you had a business like this, would you let some $ piece of software destroy the trust between you and your customers? There is no doubt that the actual owners of online poker rooms will do the same as you just answered yourself. Even if it means that you will have to pay the owner of Poker RNG all the money that they might have earned from selling the software, in order to stop the sale of this software. You are a poker player. You know that you would have a big advantage if you knew the community cards (forget about other players pocket cards). If you have software that helps you gain this advantage, would you sell it for a miserable $? Or would you use it and make millions playing online poker? This is the second reason why our editors do not believe that this software actually works. Poker RNG to be worth $. We couldn't find a cheaper option. Each client receives an ID associated with their email address. To log in to the program, you will need an email address each time to start the Poker RNG program. This is used to prevent illegal copying of the Poker RNG. Whether it is worth this price or not is up to you. We have given you all the information about this SOFTWARE that is available online. So decide for yourself whether you want to give this program a chance to prove itself or not. We bought a Poker RNG for ourselves and used it for less than a week. In fact, we never managed to enter more than, hands into the database. This is taking too long. It is likely that most customers are doing the same. They buy the software out of curiosity, and forget about it after using it for some time.

We always want to what we don't have.

Here's our tip: don't reduce your bankroll to buy this program because you think it will make you a millionaire. If you have an extra $ and don't know where to spend it. Or you can try using it together with your friend so that you can maintain the database at the same time. However, it is highly doubtful that this will bring any result. PokerStars a few days ago held its popular tournament called High Roller Club, which this time managed to collect hellip Website: pokermira Country: Cyprus year of Foundation: Review of Poker MIRA Poker MIRA is an online poker room that was created in hellip.

Your bets, gentlemen, always make the bot happy! Writing a bot for Poker Tips " Hacker»

Online poker is gaining more and more popularity every day

This is not surprising, because gambling has always attracted people with the possibility of quick and easy profitAs a result, poker bots that can play independently will appear on The Internet. But, as you know, recently the largest poker rooms have started to be active tighten the screws, throwing out fans of unfair play from the tables.

In this situation, the development of poker bots turns into a very thankless task, and sometimes just a waste of time.

It would seem that the sheepskin coat is not worth the effort, and the topic can be safely closed. Make yourself comfortable, now I'll show you how to teach your own bot To play poker Tips:). As you already understood, this article will focus on writing a poker bot. It is designed to work during your sleep rest etc. Imagine that to improve your well-being, you just need to run the software on a foreign Dedic. When you walk in the Park, the bot works, when you sleep, the bot plays cash. The bot completely simulates the player's actions with the mouse, and collects all the information from the table with snapshots of the necessary areas. We will not go into the code of the client software of the poker room. This reduces the user experience in exchange for guarantees of security and stability of the bot's functioning. However, this is not the case difficult, as you think:). Please note that Windows must be placed in automatic mode, otherwise the bot will not be able to navigate the game. The bot has its own control panel.

It is designed for a screen resolution of x, placed below the gaming tables and above the Windows taskbar, which allows you to simultaneously watch the game and control the bot's operation, without interfering with it to read information from the tables.

According to the concept, the bot can play simultaneously on four tables, each of which has a dedicated area that can be activated with a mouse click. This way, we can choose which tables the bot will play on.

Preparation is complete, but it's still too early to launch the bot.

first, let's understand the filling of the software. The bot's logic will become clear after viewing the sample Unit.cpp.

To save space, we will replace similar lines of code with.

However, do not give up ahead of time

we Start the main loop. The delay at the beginning of the cycle is not set by chance. The fact is that working with our images takes a decent amount of time time limit. This delay is optimal for the workhorse. As you may have guessed, all the information you need to play on a particular table is stored in an instance of the TABLE class. It is extremely simple and commented out, so we will leave it for independent study.

Also, we will not consider the description of the functions of maintaining statistics, determining the situation on the table and the player's position.

"Nonsense!" - you will say, and you will be absolutely right! If you are reading these lines, it means that you have completed almost the entire long journey of creating a bot and can take a break:). But it's still too early to relax, and the most important stage is ahead of us analyzing and developing the game's strategy. All novice players, as a rule, learn the strategy of short stacks (shortstack). Consider a preflop situation (cards are dealt to players, but the table is still empty), when we have a "pocket" (a pair of cards of the same rank) in our hands. If we are in an early position (trading starts with us) Note that we have only considered one situation. Full varieties strategies, as well as the entire bot, I carefully prepared for you on Yandex. Developing a strategy is a key stage in creating a bot. Your possible income directly depends on its quality.

My version allows the bot to play plus at low limits, but this is far from the limit.

The more effort you put into developing your own strategy, the more zeros will appear on your account:). Testing the bot for two months, I noticed one interesting detail: Hints Poker has protection against removing information from the table by taking a snapshot of the image. A couple of times a month, our friends (greetings to the party poker administration!) they change the images of three or four maps, and as a result, the bot's performance is disrupted. The problem is solved quite simply: just replace the old map templates with new ones.

Finally, I note that the written bot is just a tool for getting candy wrappers with the image of American presidents.

The only way you can truly enjoy playing poker is by playing it yourself.

Pluribus bot: the ultimate online poker killer

This website is not a venue for gambling

All information posted on the site is for informational purposes onlyLess than a day after the publication by Science magazine and Facebook of information about the new Pluribus super bot, which supposedly can beat -max cash, even playing against PRO players, as this news began to spread on the Internet like wildfire, and poker forums already began to count the days until the final death of online poker. Since there is already quite a lot of information about Pluribus, we will not give out a lot of text in Russian with a detailed description of Its history, win rates shown, and operating principles, but will briefly list its features, achievements, and, more importantly, give our own interpretation of the possible impact of Pluribus on modern online poker. Play at a -max table.

Let's try to figure out what happened after all

All previous bots, including the direct progenitor of Pluribus Libratus (in, it was the first to beat the team of PRO players of Douglas Polk), could only play heads-UPS.

Their algorithms based on Nash equilibrium, at a table with a large number of players, could no longer ensure that all variables were taken into account and the power Consumption was a plus game.

According to the developers, Pluribus used a computer with GB of RAM and two -core processors during the game, and a cloud service worth $ was used for its training.

This is, of course, powerful hardware, but it is no longer a supercomputer of an entire University, which costs tens of millions of dollars with a New algorithm for selecting solutions.

It allowed Pluribus to go beyond heads-UPS and reduce power consumption. This bot does not just go through all possible solutions in this situation, but, based on the hands already played, learns, and can immediately discard unnecessary decision trees and group the remaining ones according to the criteria necessary in this case. Some sources add the bot's self-learning ability to this list (initially, only poker rules were uploaded to it), but at least Libratus does too it was more based on the base he had already played, rather than on ready-made solutions. The reasons for the appearance of open information about the bot were the results of its game against a group of volunteers. Many of them are famous players: Chris Ferguson, Nick Petrangelo, Greg Merson. However, almost all of them are MTT-shniki. Interestingly, in an article on the Facebook blog, one of the world's strongest cash players, Linus LLinusLLove Leliger, also appears on this list, but there is not a word about him in the Science article. So here you have the right to choose who to trust more: Facebook or Science. One -max table with blinds and a static stack of, chips, no rake, no ante and very large timebanks Three people played in the format of bots person and showed an average negative win rate of. bb at the end of thousand hands the Remaining live players participated in an average of hours in the rink in the format of bot people and at the end of the bot won. A new Pluribus poker bot in an environment that has never been and never will be in the future.

online poker, showed a positive win rate in cash without taking into account the rake in the game against a group of offline tournament players, (some of whom are unlikely to beat the modern NL$ at the Stars).

In itself, this is a very good result for the artificial intelligence industry, which will work in an environment with incomplete information, and will be able to help society in various areas.

But of course, we are interested in how the introduction of Pluribus will affect modern online poker.

To better understand this effect, we need to mention a few more facts: the Monte Carlo counterfactual regret minimization algorithm used In the bot is well known for most solvers before meeting with live people, Pluribus played with itself for days on a server with a -core processor, that is, the bot's self-training, in theory, began with eight days of calculations in the solver on very powerful hardware, while its rivals probably did not know anything about GTO in the cache. Pessimism in the poker community in France most players Express their views on the future of online poker in connection with the appearance of Pluribus because they have received a fundamentally solution for a plus game at -max tables for a self-learning bot that is undemanding to resources, and soon the descendants of Pluribus can be bought for a hundred bucks for a laptop and play plus any limits. And as a result, modern online poker, as a game of people against people, will die, sharing, for example, the fate of the same online chess. First, the creators of Pluribus are not going to share algorithms with anyone, just like using It in a real game on the Internet. That is, the creation of such a bot by more dishonest people can take more than one year. secondly, even a bot similar to Pluribus is not adapted to playing in modern rooms, such adaptation takes time and bot breeders may face new problems, and its undemanding nature to hardware is slightly exaggerated, since for the initial training of such a bot, a very powerful and expensive one will still be required PC third, even if in years there will be Pluribus -a level that can play plus at any limits in real rooms (with rake, dynamic stacks, small timebank and several tables), which can be bought for hundreds or several thousand dollars and put on any average PC - this does not mean that poker rooms will be idle all this time and watch how the SOFTWARE that kills their business develops. The last point is the main difference between the modern online poker industry and the same online chess, which completely lost the war to bots. This point not only delays the death of online poker, like the first two, but also gives you a chance to avoid such an outcome altogether.

We are not going to touch on all possible changes to the poker rooms, which can greatly complicate or make it impossible to use bots at all, but there is no doubt that they will appear here.

After all, even those people who believe that Rumas can benefit from negative or negative prices. near-zero bots for creating action and raking money will not deny that bots like Pluribus are no longer needed at the tables in any way and no one, except for fans of quick money, is needed at the tables. At the moment, the main real disadvantage for the online poker industry from the appearance of Pluribus is the inciting information hype around it by the sensationalist non-poker press. Amateur players or those who are just starting to play, after the headlines about programs that can beat even professional players at the -max table, there is clearly less desire to contribute their money to such an industry. Also, it is important to understand that the opponents of Pluribus were players who, in principle, do not play professionally in online cash games (which only Ferguson's choice is worth) and would hardly show positive winrates at low PokerStars limits. In addition, the game was played without a rake. Fighting bots and bot drivers, even in their current state, is very important for the future of online poker. But which ones would no gifts were given to us by technological progress, and if the players rooms and affiliates join forces in the fight against this disaster, the possible death of online poker will be a very, very distant prospect. UPD: on the forum there was an interesting information that called into question the very fact of a plus game Pluribus against several live poker players. One of the forum users converted, hands of played bots in a game against humans and it turned out that The Pluribus winrate was minus. bb per hands and this is when playing without rake. And where did the positive winrates from articles on Science and Facebook come from? This is most likely due to the so-called Aivat algorithm, which scientists used to smooth out the effect of variance on the reliability of winrates. As a result, it turns out that the victory over people was won not by the bot, but by this algorithm. This doesn't diminish the importance of the problem of bots in online poker, but it does make the whole Pluribus story more dubious and less true. All news about the game in we publish various rooms and closed reservations on private terms in our Telegram channel.

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Poker bot ANTICHAT-Security online community

In Hacker magazine, in the coding section, an article was published about writing a poker bot that shows the percentage of winnings based on the hand and cards on the flop Texas Holdem Poker Rules from the largest poker room with different betting restrictions - No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit James Devlin Blog which has a lot of articles about poker, in particular a series of articles about creating a poker bot

An adult, sane person will not write such bullshit as you, because my message was addressed to cheaters, scammers, cheaters and other your classmates.

And don't threaten me, it's the Internet, relax and have fun.

Rise of the machines: should you be wary of poker bots

Just a few years later, the situation with bots changed

As soon as the industry "exploded" in the early s, the lion's share the online community rushed to find all sorts of loopholes in the gameThis was confirmed by the appearance of simple poker programs that made decisions for the player using pre-written algorithms.

At first, they did not make any calculations during the game, but only relied on ready-made standard solutions.

But the transition to the next stage of development was only a matter of time. Along with the development of IT technologies, in virtual poker, simple bots “evolved” into programs that use artificial intelligence (AI for short).

Modern poker bots are programs designed to play independently against opponents or other programs.

Its goal is to make such decisions that will show the maximum benefit over a long distance. Due to the fact that poker is a game of incomplete information, the program cannot display a result for any hand. Instead, poker neural networks rely on systems that are based on various theorems.

The current development of well-known bots does not allow them to win an expensive game for thousands of dollars.

As a rule, they can play at low and medium limits with a win rate of about bb hands.

The poker bot is based on mathematical concepts

However, most bots, despite the General advantage of the game, cannot make adjustments to the game strategy online, unlike humans. Professional players claim that neural networks are not so dangerous in cash games and no-limit poker. It's much more likely to meet them in limit poker - remember this. This difference is due to the fact that no-limit hold'em involves a much larger number of conditions to solve. In fact, each different pot size in the big blinds is a completely new scenario for the program. If in a fixed limit most of the pots on the turn are equal to several big blinds, then in no-limit poker the number of variations is ten times greater. On the other hand, the developers of the most advanced programs using AI allow the program to "learn" new strategies on its own. The neural network analyzes the statistics of its opponents and optimizes a number of its actions to adapt to the player. In addition, bots have other important advantages over players: Poker rooms strictly monitor the problem of "bot breeding" and, fortunately, have enough tools in their Arsenal. Tracking AI in poker is done by monitoring players background programs, checking the cursor for naturalness, and analyzing a large amount of hand history. The last point gives the “poker robot”the most.

The reason is that playing a computer game over long distances almost inevitably shows exactly the same patterns.

Such statistics are significantly different from ordinary players and almost allows you to distinguish a car from a person. On the other hand, the players themselves are fighting AI. Experienced players pay attention to the following patterns in the game however, in the case of your own struggle with poker robots, there is a fine line between vigilance and paranoia. The temptation to label your opponent as a dishonest program is especially strong if you lose for a long time or are under the influence of strong emotions. Unfortunately, this regularly gives rise to topics on forums about rival bots, where the main accusations are based on dubious arguments and emotions from losing. Most often, the whistleblowers are beginners, from the text of which it can be concluded that they do not understand the fundamental aspects of online poker. If you suspect that there are poker bots in the game, we recommend that you do not rush to conclusions and consult with experienced players.Collect at least several thousand hands for the “suspect”, search the Internet for examples of how bots were previously discovered and compare this with your case. If your doubts only increase, please describe your case in detail on the forum and duplicate your request to the poker room support service. In addition to the backup service, most likely, at least a few players who are experienced in detecting bots will respond constructively and help you understand the situation. If it turns out that you really opposed the poker program, and even lost a lot of money, there is always a chance that the poker room will compensate you for the money. There are many stories with a positive ending.

Take for example the case of poker player and trainer Paul Otto.

Tom managed to find bots in the open spaces of the popular MicroGaming network: bots were banned, and the management returned funds to users who suffered material damage. Another example occurred in the little-known Swedish operator Svenska Spel. Having discovered the facts of bot breeding, he compensated the affected players for almost million Swedish kronor, which is about $ thousand. It turned out that the network of bot breeders included about accounts that actively played in the poker room at limits from $ to $ for six months. It is noteworthy that in the course of the investigation, there were millions of hands have been analyzed, just for a moment! Justice still prevailed - as a result of the actions taken, the amount of payments to players doubled compared to what was originally expected. In some cases, the developers of bots are scientists. They do not pursue the goal of making money using the program in poker. The main task of such a developer is the General study of artificial intelligence. The results obtained are used in science, medicine, and any other field related to neural networks. The fact is that poker is a unique environment with the presence of private information, where you can visually hone and explore the most optimal algorithms for AI operation. It is in poker that you can safely test the ability of a neural network to find the right solution in conditions of uncertainty. A successfully tested algorithm will be able to solve more important problems, where the cost of an error is much higher than in poker. One of these major studies was a high-profile duel between people and poker AI. titled " Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante "(translated as "Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence"). During a -day one-on-one game of Fix Limit Holdem, Libratus competed against a Pro team consisting of Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAuley, and Jimmy Choo. After, hands played, the program developed by scientists from Carnegie Mellon University won by a huge margin of.

million conditional chips.

there are a bunch of all sorts of inventions anonymous tables, fast tables, etc. that solve the problem of bots partially at least. I think something else will come out new.

Poker Automatics - pokeram Page MMGP Forum

The year is not mentioned anywhere

Create a Poker Automatics account, add funds to it, and watch the amount in your account grow every day without Your participationk bucks odmin spent on servers? did you buy the script for ? admin, you have spaghetti hanging on your ears and cheese dripping from them with mold For greater security and convenience, as well as at the request of our clients, additionally purchased the PokerAutomatics domain -level protection of each poker robot account from detection and blocking (externally the robot can not be distinguished from an ordinary player) uncle, good show-offs to throw, such bots do not exist in nature, and those who have such are in General, we will never hear or see these people, and even more so they will never ***** hype.

More than years of testing on offline software and on purchased Hand History databases of real poker rooms from sites such as PokerTableRatings and HHDealer, he tested for years in years, an ordinary player becomes a Pro, cuts down money and leaves poker forever, or does not cut down and continues to grind for Doshirak.

all,all,all - this slag in the style idealman, which was promoted by Richmond, here will be the same kidok as there, the fish will be caught on show-offs, so I recommend that all people refuse to invest in this slag and do not invite anyone here, and also place a link to this post somewhere in a prominent place so that no one will fly in. I have flipped through Your forum posts and I understand your critical and negative attitude towards all of them. exceptions to projects, given Your long experience and experience in this field. If you carefully study the Poker Automatics website, you can find a lot of additional information in the FAQ section (a lot of questions about how it works), About the System, How it works, which is not available on the forum. The screenshot shows the year. Poker Automatics didn't need a website in.

That's right, it was just our poker blog back then

From to June, all operations were processed manually. There was no script. For each I o transaction, we wrote to Support.

We worked with PayPal Moneybookers and others When there are few participants, it is not critical.

With the growing number of participants, processing operations has become very difficult. In, it was decided to automate the process and simplify operations for participants. In may, each Poker Automatics customer was paid their full account balance (Deposit all profits from previous years). We updated the site and created a new database we added new payment systems, created an affiliate program, and much more. In the language of investors and techies, we can say that since. Poker Automatics has upgraded the system, and it has started working with new features and capabilities after the settlement of obligations. I suggested promoting the project as a HYIP. Over time, within a few months, it will become clear which promotion strategy is better. perhaps then we will use new sources for marketing. It is not critical for us to have a constant influx of new people. Poker Automatics does not depend on this and does not stop working. Poker Automatics is not a law firm. This is a network of robots and a team of people from different countries that serves it. We don't use our offices and don't invite you to attend presentations. H-script was chosen as the basis because it meets all the requirements for organizing an investment project compared to various others.

According to many reviews, H-Script is reliable, time-tested and convenient.

a script written from scratch can have many vulnerabilities. Yes, You are right, news on the site since, and H-Script appeared later.

The news was moved to it from the old database.

Please do not make unsubstantiated claims about poker robots.

It is enough to study the forums of bot breeders who also consistently earn money on poker. This is not a revolutionary discovery. Protection against robots is not necessary if you have technical capabilities. Yes, it is difficult and expensive. No one says it's easy and everyone can do it. Yes, such robots have existed for quite a long time. Not only for us, but also for other bot owners. Just read the specialized poker bot breeders forums. They are very rarely sold on the side.

If a robot is sold to you, even for $, then it needs to be constantly updated, otherwise it will really be blocked.

if you play poker, you know that the long-distance profitability of Poker Automatics is low compared to the performance of individual sessions of ordinary players. You can not show a STABLE profit in poker in !a few percent a day!.

We follow the poker industry.

I've seen similar projects. All of them were closed long ago. This is unrealistic! If you play like this, you can either win or lose.

And this is already an accident and a risk.

Even professionals lose. The weakest point in poker is the human factor. It should be excluded.TransferSent Payment. USD to account U from U***. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. It is noticed that the more all sorts of gadgets on the site and in the legend-the more problems the admin has. Conversely, simple HYIPs Forex Prut up as Far as we know, we have always had a close from robots after placing Poker Automatics over the past years. This is not only a web archive robot, but also a robot of some other services. I can ask the management to open the site for the robot for a while. But there is no point in this in principle. You won't find anything new there discover it. I don't know how screenshots are taken. Some sites are indexed several times a week, and some are not indexed for years. I'm just an employee, just like a few other people. from the Finance Department, programmers, analysts, technical Department, and support Department. I don't have access to management. all the information, not on marketing, I get through and Finance Department. This means that the site simply did not exist, there are no proofs of its existence, because it did not exist. Otherwise, there would have been footprints. Previously, all search and non-search robots were blocked. Indexing the site was prohibited by the rules of Poker Automatics and there was no point in it, because there was no advertising and promotion.

It is well known that poker rooms are fighting poker robots and bot drivers.

You can find out more about this from any poker bot breeders forums. Previously, information about the project was closed to the General public. Currently Poker Automatics equipment it allows you not to worry about information about its existence among poker rooms and competitors who own other robots. It is well known that poker rooms are fighting poker robots and bot drivers. You can find out more about this from any poker bot breeders forums. The rules of poker rooms prohibit the use of robots, and they try to fight them. But this can only be done with low-quality, simple, and common robots. All that the poker room can do when it detects a robot (if it proves that it is used) is to block such an account, and return the money won to the players from whom it was won.

Writing a poker bot-Development-Forum

I Saw a subject order on freelancer

The client pays, bucksWhat do you think-is it worth it or is the client getting cheaper? For example, is it a difficult task to write such a bot on a toad? I didn't like the client and his order description, and I'm not going to work in this direction, but I want to learn LOR's opinion on what for development:) Have you ever written bots? Is this work worth kilos of green? I hate cheaters myself, but I was interested in the topic - do these people write? the product. The game will be played using a pure theory (maximizing the expectation of winning). However, after reading Sklansky's book poker Theory, I got the impression that there is a place to turn around when creating AI. The question about complexity is strange you need to know the customer's requirements. As mentioned above, a primitive bot is written in a couple of weeks, but it is unlikely that someone will need it in real life.

But it will take at least a few months to read at least Sklansky's book and take into account most of the concepts, so $K is nothing.

Also, it's corny, but you need to write in the language that you know.

The standard greedy algorithm is written in a month

I wrote a bot that plays go in Haskell, but the goal was just to have fun and learn Haskell, because automating the game in go is an extremely difficult task. By the way, you are very right, I was also very surprised that poker is algorithmically more complex than chess and any other table games. The whole point lies in the probabilistic nature of the game. I will subjectively tell you this: write exactly if this money is not yours "and you're not a student.

Otherwise, I probably wouldn't, but think for yourself.

Good luck! It is said that PokerStars will introduce a mandatory requirement for players to have a webcam enabled for identification in order to combat multiaccounts. So in addition to developing algorithms for the bot, get ready to overcome various additional obstacles directed against bot breeders and other cunning personalities.

How to start playing for real money on PokerStars continued

As you can see, the lobby has two main menus

In the first part, we covered the issues of registering for Poker stars, how to download PokerStars SOFTWARE, making a Deposit on Poker Stars, receiving a first Deposit bonus, and the PokerStars bonus codeIn the second part, we will take a closer look at the client SOFTWARE and poker room promotions that allow you to start playing poker for real money with the most favorable conditions. The Poker Stars client is by far the most convenient and fully functional of all available on the market.

Just make the appropriate request

There are versions for Windows and Mac that look about the same and have similar functionality. The first is the top menu, where you can make various settings and get important information. And the game selection menu, which allows you to select the desired type of game - hold'em, Omaha and others, as well as go to play in tournaments, or create your own club in 'HOME GAMES'. In the same menu, you can choose to play with conditional chips. How to create and confirm an account was described in the previous article. For now, we note that the Poker stars lobby is available in a variety of languages, including Russian. To select a language, there is a special item in the top menu 'language'.

Here you can choose a time zone, a very useful and convenient feature that allows you not to constantly recalculate the start time of the tournament.

The 'lobby information display Options' option allows you to disable certain types of advertising, disable the display of tournaments and game cache, which are designed to be played only by players from certain countries. For example, the tournament is available for players from Belarus, and there is absolutely no need for players from Russia to see it, since they will still not be able to register there and play for real money in poker. You can also disable the display of tables for playing with conditional chips, why do we need them if we decided to play on PokerStars for real money? You can very well configure the display parameters of the table. The most important of which are the ability to choose four color decks and font sizes of labels on the desktop. There are settings for fast Zoom poker, mainly related to animation. There are also detailed settings for what to do with discarded cards. we recommend that you don't show anything to anyone (configured by default). 'Favorite place' it is useful and convenient to choose a place where you will be seated on different types of tables. Of course, you can change your location during the game, but this is much more convenient.

The bet slider and quick button you can customize for yourself is very thin, there is a special menu item.

In addition, you can set and customize the "hot keys" by assigning almost any action to any combination.

To speed up the start of the game, you can configure the magnitude of autobuying and avtoreview that allows you to repeatedly perform a similar operation during the game.

You can enable or disable sounds and change the default sound signals assigned to various events.

There are also some other settings functions, such as save, and where to save your hand history and tournament results history.

As you can see, here you can request the history of hands and the history of tournaments played.

The requested data will be sent to the email address specified during registration. The same goes for game statistics, it is possible to request to send the email. It also contains many different queries, the most popular in our opinion are 'find tournament' and 'find player'. The number and variety of tournaments when playing for real money at Poker Stars is huge. Therefore, it is difficult to find a specific tournament, but if you know the tournament ID, everything is very simple. For owners of Android and iPhone devices, there are mobile version of the client. A more detailed overview of its features can be found here: PokerStars was one of the first to add the ability to play fast poker at Its site. Here it is called Zoom and the corresponding menu item is available in the lobby room. You can find out what it is and how fast poker works here: for those who have made a Deposit, not necessarily the first one, Poker Stars makes a fantastically generous offer. For days after the Deposit date, the player can participate in four freerolls per day, with a prize pool of $, each. A total of such freerolls are available to the depositor, which is more than $, in prizes! This offer is not limited in quantity. You can make any number of deposits, and continue to play these freerolls every month. Thus, you can start playing poker for real money almost without any expenses, because you don't need to use a Deposit in the game at all, just Deposit it and play for free in tournaments with very substantial prizes. Only PokerStars has such a large number, and such huge guaranteed prize money in tournaments. The most famous of the guarantee events is probably held every week on Sundays at: Moscow time. To get into this tournament, you can Deposit a direct bet of $. But you can also play it for real money for free. A ticket to this tournament can be won in a Freeroll held on the eve of the tournament itself. The entrance to the Freeroll is closed with a password, but you can always find it on our website in the section Previous micromillions series were not likely to be successful and popular. So in the last series in the main event for a guaranteed prize pool in poker Stars, online poker Championships are held throughout The year. But the most promising way to start playing for real money at Poker Stars is MicroMillions-low-stakes poker tournaments.

In these tournaments with huge guaranteed prize pools, bitcoins start at $, on average they make up $.

The prizes are really impressive. For example, in the Main event with a buy-in of $, the guaranteed prize is $. and for the first place, the winner receives at least $.

You need to download and install the client software in which there is a ticket office.

How to do this and the correct download links are here. It is not really possible to reach the prizes on Stars due to the large number of players in tournaments. A lot of left-wing players who just don't let you play, not poker, but the lottery.

The largest poker operator announced on its official blog the introduction of a new Seat Me feature designed to protect ordinary players from professionals.

the European poker tour (EPT) Festival will be the largest offline event of its kind ever held in Prague. Its sponsor According to information from the Department of property relations of the Krasnodar territory, the Krasnaya Polyana game zone has its first operator. Request for RedKings Poker has joined the Microgaming poker network (MPN).) Microgaming is the largest poker network in the world, and we are very excited to join them.

I will sell a minus poker robot for SNG - poker-bot tournaments Poker bot forum, poker stars online, download poker, poker AI

Other options are also acceptable

I will sell a minus poker robot for SNG - poker-bot tournaments Poker bot forum, poker stars online, download poker, poker AIexclusive right to use the poker robot in absolutely any way (the right to modify, resell, open public access, etc.). Cash payment can be made via Webmoney or cash at a meeting (preferably in the national currency currency of Ukraine). The poker bot is delivered "as is", any claims after the transaction are not accepted.

The interested buyer is granted test access to the robot's program code for a maximum of one week.

This poker bot was developed for two years (with interruptions) by one person (i.e.

me), and then tested and operated for quite a long time

The game was played only from one account, no more than - hours a day, simulating the regular "regular" mode. No special measures were taken to conceal the poker robot (apart from organizational measures). As practice shows, this is not particularly necessary for the iPoker network. At one time, the robot was used to generate real income.

So, in some months, the profit from one copy of the program, playing no more than tables at a time for an average of hours a day, reached$ or higher.

Below are statistics on the accounts that the poker bot used to play with. The data is taken from the Sharkscope website.

The last chart refers to the first account in the list.

I sell only one copy together with exclusive rights. Seriously, I didn't even think about selling games to several people, because iPoker doesn't have a lot of games anyway, plus other bots compete (I can't say for sure I didn't catch them specifically, but it looks like it). If the cost is set on the basis of labor costs, then at least $ thousand is accumulated. But who will buy a negative micro-limit bot at this price (even if it is theoretically profitable)? So the price that is indicated is rather my subjective opinion, which can, in principle, be disputed. The affiliate turned out to be an unscrupulous person, although it was advertised on a well-known poker forum, and the rakeback was not exorbitant. Currently, his affiliate business has failed (as I see it, through his own fault), and there was a serious scandal about it. You can say that I (and a hundred other players) were just unlucky. However, for me personally, this is already it doesn't make sense, because I don't plan to develop and use the bot further. My goal is to sell and forget.

Strange, but so far not a single potential buyer.

So, we will have to change the pricing policy. But first I'll make some comments. Perhaps it sounds unconvincing that using a negative bot you can have any income. However, this is true if the bot is used correctly.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to conduct testing on different fields and types of games.

However, at one time I was playing Turbo Double Up $ $.

using my bot in the "expert Advisor" mode, and the ROI did not fall below, which I considered an acceptable result.

Moreover, in may, a new super Turbo Double Up tournament structure was introduced on iPoker, and until people got used to it, my bot was able to play even "plus" (although the distance is small, but nevertheless): Participation in rake races is also sometimes effective. For example, in the spring at William Hill was held a rather unusual a tournament race where the score was based not on generated rake, but on points. That is, the main thing is to play as much as possible, and the limit played is not important. Then I managed to take a good place in the table of winners. The affiliate turned out to be an unscrupulous person, although it was advertised on a well-known poker forum, and the rakeback was not exorbitant. Currently, his affiliate business has failed (as I see it, through his own fault), and there was a serious scandal about it. You can say that I (and a hundred other players) were just unlucky. This doesn't make much sense anymore, because, as I mentioned above, he got burned by his own dishonesty (or stupidity?), he doesn't do any more affiliate work, and his website is closed.

But for ethical reasons, I can't do this (it takes a long time to explain why).

Another, simpler reason I don't want unnecessary problems, you never know what it can turn out to be.

I'm already a victim Because it was one of the reasons I left poker in General and bot breeding in particular. In other ways in other words why do I sell my best practices, although, in principle, it was possible to gradually improve the algorithm, bring the bot to a "plus" (or at least a stable "zero") I gave the entire list of reasons in the second post. And it doesn't matter what kind of scammer I ran into. What matters is the fact that such things will happen from time to time. But this situation does not suit me. The chain is too long: the room can be banned, the affiliate can throw.

There are many risks.

Although this is just my opinion, and I'm a little paranoid, sorry.

Game Of Poker - Community Of

However, this fraud is conditional

Relatively recently, there was information That Negreanu suspects his rival Of fraudThe point is that Potential Odds are bets that you Expect to win when they Aren't already in the pot. Potential odds calculation is a Simple calculation of pot odds, Which takes into account other Information besides the size of The Pot – narrowing the Playing field by raising. Your ultimate goal in a Poker game is to win As much money as possible.

Poker Combinations PokerMillion

An ACE can either start An order or end it

It should be noted that The following terms are often Used in traditional inaccurate transcriptions: Instead of straight straight, instead Of flush flush flashRoyal flush or Royal flush English royal flush " Royal suit»: The highest ACE, king, Queen, Jack, ten five cards of The same suit, for example: T♥ K♥ D♥ B♥ ♥. Straight flush or Straight flush: Any five cards of the Same suit in order, for Example: ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠. Four Of A Kind Four Of A Kind Poker English Four of a kind, quads,Poker "four of the same»: Four cards of the same Value, for example: ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♦. Full house Full house Three Plus two full house, full Boat "full house", " full boat»: Three cards of the same Value and one pair, for Example: ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥. Straight or Straight English straight " Order»: five cards in order Of any suit, for example: ♦ ♥ ♠ ♦ T♦. In this example, T♦ starts A combination and its value Is evaluated at one, and ♦ is considered the highest card. Three of a kind, set "Three of the same", " set»: Three cards of the same Value, for example: ♣ ♥ ♠ K♦ ♠. High card Kicker English high Card: none of the above Combinations, for example the combination Is called "high ACE": T♦ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♣.

In some variants of the Game, a Four flush combination Is also used- four cards Of the same suit and One card of a different Suit provided that no other Combination is created, which is Located in its position between One pair and two pairs.

The coincidence combinations are more Powerful is a combination of Matching cards, for example ♣ ♠ ♥ ♣ ♠ older Than ♣ ♠ ♥ ♣ K♠, and the combination of ♠ ♦ ♥ ♠ ♦ Older than ♦ ♥ ♠ ♦ T♦. If the combinations and the Kicker match if it is Among open cards, the winnings Are divided equally between the Players with the same combination. If the first kicker matches, The second or third kicker Is compared in the case Of a pair and three kickers.[].

An ACE can either start An order or end it

In some types of poker It is called hi-lo From High-Low, the winnings Can be divided equally between Players who have the strongest Combination of cards of any Value discussed above and the Weakest combination of unpaired cards Of no more than, for Example: T♣ ♥ ♠ ♦ ♠ in weak combinations, the ACE is considered the lowest card. At the same time, the Same player can simultaneously hold The strongest and weakest combination Of cards. In wild card games, the Combination is Poker Five of A kind a square and A wild card, for example: T♥ T♦ T♣ T♠ j Is considered the highest combination, That is, it is valued Even higher than the "Royal Flush". [] you will need to Play via home PC. Those who don't know How to play will need To learn. For beginners, we conduct tests On a demo account. You don't need to invest. PO starting from K per Month, starting from hours per day. Then it will depend on you. After completing the survey and Test, I will show you The full fork of prices And po's. You can also do k. While ready to take people. Fresh brand High return Keep Up with juicy bonuses and First-class promotions for the Opening of the club. Spin like an adult in A modern institution. Groundbreaking project Solid return drop By for juicy buns and Perfect promotions for the opening Of a mega-project. Spin like an adult in An original institution-a Groundbreaking Project Solid output keep Up With fat rewards and perfect Tranches for the opening of The project. Spin in a special way In the original club Leo If Your desire is a Big game, after a nervous Working week - update your accounts And seduce fate Feed bonuses When you Deposit: Do not Play on the last swing Or in favor.

Poker Bot - Forum about earning money in the Internet and Finance - Forum Perfect Club

Hi! If you are reading this, You are not registered yet

Click here to register in a few simple steps to enjoy all the features of our Forum Perfect Club forum-a forum about cryptocurrencies, earning money on the Internet and high-yield investments (HYIP)All about online business, stock exchanges, Forex, currency exchange, freelancing, social networks Hello! If you are reading this, You are not registered yet.

It won't take more than a minute.

Click here to register in a few simple steps to enjoy all the benefits of the app. our forum features a fully automatic Poker Bot system.

Do you often lose at poker? Rent a poker bot in our system and get a guaranteed profit from playing our poker bots.

It won't take more than a minute

When choosing a poker bot for rent, you also need to choose the poker room in which your rented bot will play. Additional bonuses of up to$ per month will be awarded for choosing a poker room. Forum Perfect Club - a forum about cryptocurrencies, earning money online, and high-yield investments (HYIPs).

All about online business, exchanges, Forex, currency exchange, freelancing, social networks this site uses cookies to personalize the content and save Your login if you register.

QIWI Money Withdrawal Casino In

Funds are credited to the Account instantly

If a verified QIWI money Casino has been found to Make bets with real money And compete for the jackpot, You must make a Deposit From a previously created walletTo do this, the player Creates a personal account on The club's website.

Please contact the institution's Support service to find out Whether the transaction fee will Be deducted and how much It will be charged.

Information about limits, restrictions, and Commissions is also available on Our website. Now you can play your Favorite slots not only in Demo mode, but also put Real money on the line.

Keep in mind that some Establishments set minimum payment for Deposits and withdrawals.

This is usually from - rubles, So before you start playing, Make sure that you have A sufficient amount on your balance. Find the most popular casino Withdrawal and Deposit is quite simple. To save time, use the List of verified portals provided above. Here you can find the Best gambling clubs according to Users opinion. This will allow you to Register on a reliable resource, Make a Deposit and have A good time launching slot machines. Popular establishments have games from World-famous manufacturers: NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.

Gamers are attracted by the Advantages of using: the QIWI Payment system is popular – Million users are registered.

An account is easy to Create and convenient to use For storing funds and making transfers. Its presence will allow you To accept and send payments Remotely, use the possibility of Depositing funds in a nearby terminal. Quick payouts – this is Convenient for gamblers, just take Minutes to create an account.

Top-up with QIWI is Available at popular sites

You will need a phone Number that also serves as Your username.

When filling out the form On the site, please provide Reliable personal data. In exceptional cases, the administration Of the institution can conduct A check. At the time of purchasing A SIM card, provide your Passport details for entering into A contract with the operator. To create a QIWI wallet, Go to the top page And click Create wallet. Enter your mobile phone number In the form and complete The captcha. On the page that opens, The system will offer you To read the terms of The offer, put a check Mark "Read".

The specified number is the Future login for authorization.

Create a strong and memorable password.

Wait for an SMS message With the verification code and Enter it in the form To complete the registration process. Now you can use QIWI To make deposits at the casino. Another option for creating a QIWI wallet is a mobile app. The program is available for Downloads in the Play Store And App Store. After clicking on the "Install" Button, the program will automatically Download files to your smartphone And the "Open" button will appear. The app has an intuitive Interface and a menu in Russian. Those who wish to register Indicate their phone number and Come up with a password. Additionally, it is recommended to Set a short pin code That protects against unauthorized debiting If the mobile phone falls Into the hands of an attacker. If a personal account has Been created, the system will Send a confirmation code to Your mobile phone. Now choose the best casino For real money with QIWI payment. The user's capabilities depend On the assigned status. The minimum amount is received By all clients without exception After registration. To play in a casino With instant withdrawal to QIWI, You will need to get A status higher than the Minimum one. This will allow you to Keep large amounts on your Balance, eliminate limits, and you Will also be able to Issue a convenient payment tool – a QIWI plastic card. Presence of an identified user This account allows you to Launch your favorite slots and Place roulette bets without restrictions. To complete the procedure, the User enters the last digits Of the passport series in The "Confirm identification" section. All you have to do Is enter the text message Code in the form on The site. The account is assigned a New status after checking the Provided information. Residents of the Russian Federation And citizens of other countries Have the opportunity to complete Identification offline in order to Get professional status and Deposit Money to their casino account With QIWI. You will need to take Your passport and contact the Nearest point: you can Get The "Professional" status only when Visiting the office of one Of the companies. On the spot, you will Need to fill out an Application with your personal data And the mobile number specified During registration. For verification, you need a TIN. Passing verification is a paid option. The cost varies within - rubles, Refine details on the spot. Use self-service terminals to Deposit cash to your balance. The menus of different devices May vary slightly. they may differ, but the Scheme is always the same. Anyone can create an account And quickly identify it to Make deposits with QIWI at The casino. As a result, a person Gets more opportunities to perform Monetary transactions. Thanks to the wallet, you Can quickly top up your Deposit in rubles or foreign currency. Funds are credited instantly. If the institution accepts payments In foreign currency, the functionality Of your merchant profile will Allow you to make the Conversion without losses. Users who have been identified Will be able to keep Increased amounts on their balance And cash out the same Amount in a single transaction. This method is practiced by All major clubs.

When withdrawing to QIWI, players Are not required to link A Bank card send a Photo of the payment instrument From both sides and only After verification put money on The payment.

So that you don't Have to transfer money to Third-party Bank plastic cards Later, it's better to Apply for a virtual card issue. Virtual and real Qiwi Visa Cards make it easier calculations And save you from additional Expenses for paying the Commission.

The virtual card has the Functionality of the usual plastic One, but is mainly focused On online payments.

To get it, you do Not need to go to The Bank, write an application And wait several weeks for The release of a plastic carrier. A real Qiwi Visa will Allow you to pay in Supermarkets and pay for services. All transactions are carried out Without Commission. Users are often afraid to Share their personal data and E-wallet on club websites. Don't be afraid of Funds being stolen or banking Details falling into the hands Of third parties. Reliable clubs always take care Of the security of their Customers, so all data is Stored and transmitted in encrypted form. Withdrawal of money from QIWI Is usually carried out without Problems and delays. In order not to worry About "paying or not", you Should choose only verified sites From the list provided for The game. Keep in mind that for A successful withdrawal of money, It is important that the Deposit is also made using This system.

This required to link the Payment method and wallet to The merchant profile of the Selected institution.

Such payments will not be Delayed for additional checks. All clubs collected on this Site accept deposits with QIWI. The main problem that arises At this stage is the Restrictions imposed by the payment System itself. If the user didn't Successfully complete identification, they can Make payments and transfers for Up to, rubles per month. To remove the restriction and Play slot machines in a Casino with a Deposit via QIWI, you need to get A "Basic" or "Professional" status. You won't be able To top up your balance If you use a third-Party account for this purpose, But request withdrawal to a Different number. According to the rules, you Can only use a personal account. QIWI-based casinos process requests On average from a few Hours to a couple of days.

The deadline may vary depending On the institution's policy.

Usually, no more than hours Pass from the moment of Submitting an application until the Amount is credited to the account.

Larger amounts of winnings can Take longer to withdraw.

New clients often face delays And their requests are subject To additional moderation. The waiting time for regular Players is minimal.

To successfully receive payments from Online casinos with deposits via QIWI, you must meet a Number of conditions: Casinos with Withdrawal of winnings via QIWI Are in demand in Russia And among players from the CIS countries.

According to statistics, about of Players use electronic payment systems. This is not only convenient, But also safe. Each club sets payment limits And transaction fees separately. This point should be clarified By contacting technical support.

Wallpapers And Pictures Of Poker Poker On Your

Here you can download free Wallpapers for your desktop tag, Which depict poker poker.Download a set of images From the selectionbeautiful widescreen colorful Wallpapers, wallpapers Frequently updated. Relevant pagesworking table poker Wallpaper, Poker tablet Wallpaper, Jordon Carver Venera, poker phone Wallpaper, poker Phone Wallpaper, poker desktop Wallpaper, Poker.

Starting Hand-Wiki Poker

There are definitely no winning And losing starting hands

The starting hand is the Cards that are dealt to The player before the first Round of trading beginsIt is by these cards That the player must evaluate Their chances of winning or strengthening. The starting hand determines the Player's further actions - either Discard cards or play further. If it were possible to Determine the success of the Hand with absolute certainty from The starting hand, poker would Cease to be poker and Become more like roulette. However, there is a certain Classification of starting hands.

Starting hands are divided into Certain groups according to the Chances of success.

There are a total of Starting hands in Texas hold'Em, excluding suits. Omaha has, hands. The decision about the action Should the player having a Starting hand depends on many Factors: the position of the Player at the table, the Stack sizes of the player And other players characteristics of Players, their style of play.

SwC Poker Room

Seals With Clubs was launched By American Brian Maicon in

SwC Poker is a bitcoin Poker room reborn from Seals With Clubs, a pioneer in The field of cryptocurrency pokerDeposits and cashouts on Seals With Clubs were made only In this currency, just as Playing at poker tables went Only to it. Bitcoin BTC is the most Popular cryptocurrency in the world. In, BTC was worth about -$, And in it almost reached The mark of thousand dollars. Bitcoin like other cryptocurrencies is A type of money implemented In digital format in the Form of ciphers that obey The laws of cryptography, it Is managed by a distributed Computer network computers of many Ordinary users around the world Who receive a reward for The participation of their computing Power in it is not Subordinate to anyone, and its Value is determined only by The market. We will not go into Details about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin In particular. There is a lot of Information about this on the Internet. Note only that Bitcoin is Not a payment system in Its classical sense. It is more like a Type of cash, in which The material component paper, coins Is replaced by ciphers and Computer power. Like cash, Bitcoin is characterized By the anonymity of payments Made with it. All transactions are recorded in The system, but their participants, Usually, may not disclose their identity. The absence of restrictions when Using cryptocurrencies allows bitcoin rooms To accept payments from players From any country. Seals With Clubs was not Only open to American players, But also hosted its servers Directly in the United States. In, the US government blocked Seals with Clubs servers and Charged its owner charges of Illegal organization of gambling on Its territory. In the course of this Litigation, Bryan Micon pleaded guilty And paid a fine. All players registered on Seals With Clubs were able to Receive their money without hindrance. After the closure of Seals With Clubs, Brian Maicon promptly Moved the servers outside the United States and rebranded them. So the room got its Current name SwC Poker.

This was The first bitcoin Poker room

SwC Poker's policy remains The same. Players from absolutely any country Are accepted. Personalization is not required, only Need one email address. Due to the fact that The game is based on Bitcoin, there is no need To worry about the financial Security of the origin of funds.

Regular rooms have to deal With various carders stolen credit Card data and money launderers Of black income.

And Bitcoins themselves are already Physical money and not numbers On a Bank account or Payment system, which makes no Sense to launder or cash out. The cost of each chip Used to play at SwC Poker is microbitcoin one millionth Of a bitcoin. The room runs on proprietary software. The poker client is very Simplified, looks a bit old-Fashioned, although it supports all The main functions: auto-purchase, Setting up betsizing tabs, a Four-color deck, etc. there Is even the possibility Of enabling two-factor authorization. The history of played hands Is saved locally in text Files, but unfortunately, its format Is not supported by leading Poker trackers. SwC Poker, unlike most other Poker rooms, is focused only On online poker. It does not engage in Sports betting, online slots, or Any kind of lottery. But it offers a fairly Wide list of card disciplines: Not only hold'em and Omaha, but also Chinese poker, As well as various limit, Draw and mix games. Special wallet programs are used To store and make cryptocurrency transfers. These wallets are usually free Of charge and are either Managed online through special sites, Or installed as separate applications For PC or mobile devices, Or they can even be Implemented in hardware as a Small personal terminal with the Function of sending cryptocurrency. The Commission for sending Bitcoins Is minimal and fluctuates around $. per transaction, regardless of its volume. The fee amount is selected Manually within the specified range And only affects the transfer Processing speed. At SwC Poker, the player'S Commission is charged only When making a Deposit, while Cashout is covered by the Poker room. The Deposit processing time depends Only on the speed of Fixing the bitcoin transaction from A few seconds. Caches are usually processed very Quickly: from a few minutes To several hours. The greatest difficulties and Commission Costs arise when buying and Selling Bitcoins. To buy, sell or exchange Bitcoin for another cryptocurrency, we Recommend using the best cryptocurrency Exchange Binance. Through it, you can buy And sell cryptocurrency for Fiat Funds classic money, paying with A Bank card or changing From other users of the Exchange via transfer from card To card Binance is an Intermediate link that guarantees the Security of the exchange.

Please note: when registering on Binance through the partner site, You get a maximum discount On All binance commissions.

Traffic is generally low. The game is played at - Low-medium limit tables every Day, but not continuously. Peak traffic occurs at night-Morning Moscow time, which means That the main action is Built around American fans. Periodically, the game is collected At limits up to NL$.

Tables in other disciplines fill Up spontaneously.

There are periods when quite Expensive action games appear in Less popular disciplines, for example: Chinese poker from.

BTC per jackpot, Omaha pot limit.

BTC, average limits in mix And limit games. The tournament schedule consists of Events with bitcoins up to. BTC, collecting - participants each. Most tournaments they have a Small but guaranteed prize pool.

Overlays occur periodically in them.

The level of play of Your opponents varies quite a bit.

Often there are either complete Beginners who have Bitcoins and Do not know where to Put them, or strong professionals Who hunt Amateurs at high-Stakes tables.

SwC Poker stores its hand History in text files in A proprietary format that doesn'T have built-in support For Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, or HandNote.

The size of the rake In SwC Poker cash games And its cap depend on The limit and the number Of players at the table According to the tables below:Rake Size for -max and fullring Tables in tournaments with guaranteed Prize pool, the rake size Is, without guarantee. In Sit Go, it ranges from. Unfortunately, SwC Poker doesn't Offer a first Deposit bonus, But it does offer other Player-friendly promotions, including a Weekly rakeback of up to, Which is paid directly on Mondays.

The program the loyalty program At SWC Poker takes into Account the entire accumulated rake Of the player and is Not reset every month quarter Year, as in other rooms.

As you play for real Money, you earn special status Points called Krill. By accumulating a certain number Of status points, you will Receive various rewards, including a Weekly rakeback of up to:Krill Levels Krill Waves and rewards For their achievements number of Krill level Names reward the Daily bonus for starting tables In all hands played at The -max and fullring tables Between or players, each participant Will receive a fixed rakeback. Only players who receive cards Are counted, and people in The sitout are not affected.

SwC Poker hosts a weekly And monthly race for the Highest number of Krill points.

Its prize pool is distributed Among the players who have Generated the largest amount of Rake during the allotted period. SwC Poker is a small Cryptocurrency poker room with its Own very convenient, fast and Convenient interface. a working and flexibly customizable Poker client. Like other bitcoin rooms, it Is aimed at holders of Cryptocurrencies and players from countries Where gambling is prohibited the Largest share of such players Is, of course, residents of The United States.

We can say that the Room is already time-tested: It has gone through all The difficulties associated with regulating Gambling, while maintaining fast and Trouble-free processing of all transactions.

Main advantages: a very low Rake, the enthusiasts of the United States, overlays in tournaments, Relative reliability. Disadvantages: inconvenient deposits and cashouts, Irregular and low game traffic.

PokerTON-Review And Reviews Of Earning Money Online With Prizes

All you need to do Is log in to Telegram

I would like to draw The attention of investors and Fans of gambling to the PokerTON gaming platform, reviews of Which note the usefulness of Using its Telegram messenger

The web application provides complete Anonymity of the client without Any verification.

 The main feature of the Project is free poker tournaments With distribution of TON Crystals Cryptocurrency through freerolls. Read more about this and The terms of use of The Free TON coin-based Blockchain platform below in the review. The history of the TON Crystals coin began in may And was also associated with Prize tournaments. Winnings for skill and insight In PokerTON are paid in TON tokens. Later, there were systematic, completely Anonymous, poker tournaments – freerolls. Easy registration the project is Needed not only for participation In poker, but also for Easy withdrawal of winnings. Without any effort, any PokerTON Player, including the winner, can Exchange TON Crystals with an Average exchange rate for token To get $. After all, a unique project Has main features: everything is Tied to Telegram and TON. The game is played between The participants themselves, not against The casino. The platform itself has a Large number of transactions on The Free TON network.

To register for a PokerTON Account, use the link provided

Participants of the project are Residents of the CIS, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Canada, Germany and Other countries. Using it, go to the Telegram bot. Now, after clicking "Run", select The language. Going down below the welcome Message, you will see buttons That allow you to invite Friends and collect free chips. At the very bottom of Telegram, a menu for managing Your account is provided. Nothing complicated and everything is intuitive. After clicking " Start "and" Play Poker", a window POPs up, Where you need to allow The bot to identify the Account by id. After performing all these actions, The Telegram web browser for Playing poker opens, where we See the lobby room of The PokerTON Playground. By clicking on the "cash Register" button in the upper-Right corner, you can see The status of your account And free Play Money chips Issued to a new player Immediately after registration.

In the office, you can Watch various types of tables And tournaments.

To join the game process, You need to take a Seat at the table. At PokerTON, cash tables provide Basic information for tournament participants To choose from. Once you have decided on The bets and the number Of players, click play and Get to the table where You need to take an Empty seat. You can immediately see the Size of the minimum and Maximum purchase. There is also a chat below.

At the top of the Menu is a list of All possible actions, including entering The Lobby.

You can play at different Tables at the same time By clicking the plus sign At the top. You can switch between tables. When it's time for A turn, it immediately moves To the desired tournament, so As not to miss a turn. In General, everything is worked Out to the smallest detail And for the convenience of players. You can make any transactions, Including adding funds to your PokerTON balance, using the Telegram Bot, by activating the process With the corresponding button. There are many options available, Including a mobile app on Your phone. After selecting a payment system, Specify the number of chips, And then use the system'S hints to top up Your balance. Withdrawal is performed in a Similar way through the bot. In dollars, it can take Up to hours, and in TONE, it goes without confirmation For hour. The project over the past Period of activity has already Shown the presence of a Target audience, and a significant Part of it actively uses cryptocurrency. After all, only thanks to The presence of TON Crystals Does the poker game become Fun and anonymous. Reviews of PokerTON show how Highly participants rated the lack Of additional app downloads and Instant payouts. Freerolls poker games are of Additional interest even for beginners.

Scientists have calculated the optimal strategy for playing poker ∀ x, y, z

Texas hold'em is the most popular type of poker

At the beginning of each draw, players receive cards (pocket cards)They look at their cards, and then the first round of trading takes place. The player who starts the trade is called the dealer (or button player, see Button (poker). after each draw, the next player in the circle becomes the dealer.

During the trade, the player can raise the bet (raise), equalize the opponent's bet (call), or refuse to continue participating in the draw and fold the cards.

As a result, after a round of trading, each remaining player in the draw I put the same amount of money on the line. Next, three community cards (flop) are opened for everyone, after which the second round of trading takes place. After that, another card is opened(turn), and the third round of trading takes place. Finally, the fifth community card (river) is revealed, and the last, fourth round of trading takes place. If at any point only one player remains in the game, he takes the entire pot. If more than one player remains in the game after the fourth round of betting, they reveal their pocket cards and compare the resulting -card combinations, which everyone can build from personal and community cards. The one with the best combination takes the pot. The combination consists of two pocket cards, which are dealt to players at the beginning of the game, and five community cards, which are laid out on the table during the game. The combination includes five cards from these games. Combinations are listed in descending order of seniority. Royal flush a special case of a straight flush, the highest of all possible ones, consists of high cards (ACE, king, Queen,Jack, ten) of the same suit. Heads up (heads up)means that only two players are playing.

Limit poker is a version of the game in which bets can be raised by a fixed amount, and you can raise the bet no more than a pre-agreed number of times.

Therefore, limit Texas hold'em is the ultimate game. Sequential games in game theory it is customary to set through the trees.The vertices of the tree will correspond to different game States. Each vertex is assigned the name of the player who owns the move at that vertex. The edges coming from this vertex correspond to the actions that this player can perform. One of the participants in the game is "nature" so in game theory they call an artificial player who performs the role of a random number generator. "Nature" randomly decides which card to deal to players or open on the table. Sequential games can be divided into two types: games with perfect information (see Perfect information)and games with perfect information. imperfect information.

In games with perfect information, each player always knows which top of the tree they are at and what happened before that.

In games with imperfect information, the player may not be sure what state the game is in. Poker is an example of a game with imperfect information: the player does not know what cards are in the hands of his opponent. Everyone can see the community cards and actions performed at the time of trading, but the opponent's cards will not be known at the time of trading. Any finite sequential game with perfect information can be calculated from the end using the reverse induction algorithm. By looking at one subgame of the most recent level (i.e, a subgame where the game ends after any decision is made and the players count the payments received), you can find the optimal action of the player who owns the turn on this subgame.

Next, you can also find the optimal actions of players on all sub-games of the last level.

The game is played with a standard -card deck

Thereafter, knowing how rational players will behave on the last-level sub-games, you can go on to analyze the games of the penultimate level, and so on. Sooner or later, you will definitely get to a subgame that coincides with the entire game, and then you can find the optimal action of the player who owns the first move in the game.

Thus, the optimal behavior of all players in any possible situation will be found and it will be found out how the game ends with the correct actions of all players.

This is how checkers were calculated in it turned out that if both sides played checkers correctly, the game would necessarily end in a draw (J. Schaeffer et al. Checkers is solved). Poker is smaller than checkers in terms of the number of possible game States. However, poker, unlike checkers, is a game with imperfect information.

This makes it impossible to directly apply the reverse induction algorithm: if a player does not know at some point which vertex he is at, then he will not be able to find the unambiguously optimal one the solution.

Nevertheless, such a game can be rewritten as a matrix (the normal form of the game).):horizontally, you can write out all the strategies of the first player, vertically-all the strategies of the second player, after which you can find the Nash equilibrium in the resulting matrix.Theoretically. Here we have another problem: the resulting matrix for poker will be very large. The difficulty of finding a Nash equilibrium using a linear programming algorithm increases exponentially as the number of game States increases, so the method is not applicable for complex games like poker. We have to abandon the idea of directly reducing the tree to a matrix. Instead, the authors use a special modification of the savage criterion (see Regret (decision theory),designed to solve games with imperfect information in linear time from the number of game States. The algorithm scans information sets from the end and assigns them one or another penalty depending on the strategy played. After that, the algorithm minimizes the amount of data collected.

Another difficulty in solving poker was that in it, the expected payments of players are not necessarily expressed in integers-compare with checkers, in which only outcomes are possible! Since we are talking about calculating payments by computer, the authors had to approximate infinite decimals with a given level of accuracy ε.

But then you can't use the standard definition of Nash equilibrium, because the calculation error may prevent you from answering the question of whether it is profitable for any of the players to deviate from a particular game profile. The authors use the concept of an e-Nash equilibrium,according to which a strategy profile is called an e-Nash equilibrium if none of the players deviating from this strategy profile can increase their utility by more than e. In particular, any Nash equilibrium is an e-Nash equilibrium. Finally, we come to the result obtained by the authors of the article in Science.For some sufficiently small e, the authors present the e-Nash equilibrium (e so small that a human life is not enough to test the difference between the Nash e-equilibrium and the Nash equilibrium). Figure shows the actions of players on the first move in this strategy profile.On the left, for any starting combination of two cards, the first actions of the dealer are indicated (green cell "raise", red - "reset"), on the right, the second player's answer is shown if the dealer raised the bet on the first move (green color "raise", blue - "equalize", red "reset", mixed colors correspond to the ability to mix several strategies with different probabilities). In this profile, the dealer often bluffs-raises the bet with a bad card, and the second player is often forced to fold his card, not being able to recognize whether the dealer is bluffing. This allows the dealer to beat the second player over a long distance. In the game we are considering, there may also exist other Nash e-equilibria. However, it should be borne in mind that in a zero-sum game, which is poker,all the equilibria are Nashes bring players the same payments. Therefore, finding a single Nash equilibrium means that strategies have been found that allow players to guarantee the best possible outcome for themselves. Can I earn money by playing the strategy I found? Yes, if you can reproduce the actions that the strategy requires you to perform in each position.

It is unlikely that a person will be able to do this there will not be enough memory.

But against the computer, playing limit heads-up is now useless. Most likely, this means that limit heads-up poker will soon disappear from poker sites it will be very difficult to check that a person does not use special programs that help you find the best answers. However, it's too early for poker players to get upset. Even if all the variations of limit poker become known one day, there will still be no limit poker (you can place bets of any size), which is not the end game. Because of this, it is unlikely that you will be able to solve unlimited poker with modifications of the reverse induction algorithm.

Worldpokerdeals is an alpha affiliate of online poker

This site is not a gambling platform

All information posted on the site is for informational purposes onlyWorldpokerdeals pays out rakeback, conducts rake races, publishes bonus codes and holds freerolls in all poker networks, including iPoker, MPN, Winning, Chico, Bodog, Hive, IDN, GG, Dollaro, as well as in all closed reservations: Italian, French, Indian, Chinese fish poker rooms, providing secure access and the necessary poker software: hand converters, VPN clients, free layouts, hand histories and tracking managers. On this site, our team collects the best offers in the most popular Internet networks and provides a comprehensive service to support online games. If you are interested in poker, we invite you to check out the list of poker events in Sochi and other areas specially designated for gambling.

Poker bots-ObzorPoker Forum

They can also beat you, just like any other player

What do you think about poker bots, how can they really be used in the game? I've heard from a friend that this kind of thing happens all the time, but we can't tell who's at the table with usWhy are they created at all and is there any benefit from this? Sometimes, when I was playing at a new table with new players, I noticed strange behavior from some players. It is possible that they were there for extras and did not make any sensible bets.

But I have no idea what it's really for and how to use it in the game.

I'm not sure if you should use this, because they might find out and ban you. If someone uses them when playing with you, please report them to the poker room administration. I haven't come across it personally, but sometimes some players behave suspiciously, now I'll think about it. I haven't heard about this in practice, although it can happen. If someone puts their own bots in the poker room, then it is necessary for something. Maybe someone in the topic and can explain to us why to do this at all? I am very interested in this question. Probably, when there are no more than three people at the table of live players, the site loads its own bots.

This is why they are designed to beat the visitors of online casinos and poker rooms.

Apparently there are some players who are loaded by poker itself a room when there are no live people on the site. Therefore, their behavior sometimes seems strange to me.

Thanks for your opinions, now it's more clear

I don't see any point in using a bot instead of myself.

I can't even imagine how it can be set up for a successful game, although the machine has been set up for chess somehow.

May be someone uses. This is how smart a program should be to fully analyze everything and replace the player fully at the table? There are also so many possible outcomes, is it really possible to take all this into account when creating a bot? You can still try it, so don't be so afraid of it. Just do not keep a lot of money on your account while using such software, so that there is no major drain. Play it safe, so to speak, just in case. It happens that when you play poker, you get the feeling that you are being played not by people but by some robots.

I don't really like playing in this case and I quit.

I probably wouldn't use something like this. Still, it's better to play poker on your own, as there is no guarantee that the bot will make you a win. And how will you learn to play if you constantly use such software? It's bad when you play with bots and think that you are facing real opponents. With bots, there is one drawback - you can't bluff with them, so you often lose in situations where you have a weak card.

Online Poker Without Downloading And

This is if it hasn'T been installed on your Computer yet

In order to play online Poker, you don't need To install any software on Your computerThere are a lot of Offers on the Internet for Playing poker online without downloading. There are dozens of options Available in these categories, from Which you will no doubt Be able to choose the Best online poker for you. But this is not all, Some popular rooms offer their Customers the game without installing The client-right in the Browser window. These versions are limited in Their capabilities, and you still Need to install the client To access all the features. And from the point of View of security, if you Prefer to play poker for Real money, then it is Better to choose a client For the game, as it Is much better protected from intruders. it is one of the Most well-known analytical resources About poker. Our authors are active players With many years of experience Who explain in an accessible Way how to successfully play For real money in plus.

pppoker unions in Russia the poker room without bots pppoker on your PC pokerbros apk download upoker reviews kkpoker promo code telegram bot of poker kkpoker download to your computer pppoker reviews and information poker tips