Table Of Starting Hands In No Limit Hold'Em

has a different strength in Each of the positions

At the heart of a Poker strategy is the choice Of starting hands preflopIn the first round of Trading, the poker player has Minimal information about his cards, As he has only two Cards out of seven so far. However, making a decision to Play with an existing starting Hand or not is a Responsible action.

When choosing cards to enter The auction, the poker player Should have a high probability Of winning, and it is More profitable for him to Fold unpromising hands.

Beginners make the most mistakes Preflop, so many of them Who haven't yet mastered The strategy thoroughly use ready-Made charts in no-limit Hold'em tables of starting hands.

The table of starting hands In hold'em can be Of different types, but most Often the table version is Used, where different and suited Cards are separated from each Other by different markings.

The fact is that the Same combination is used for Matching and non-matching values.

In the chart, many blind Cards are indeed marked white

For example, consider the following Chart, which is recommended for A moderate style of play Between tight and aggressive: as You can see, paired cards Are located along the middle diagonal. they cannot be suited in Fact, so they divide the Table into two parts: all Combinations that are above are Suited, and below are mismatched. There are several different colors In the table, each of Which marks the position in Which it is recommended to Play hands, so you have An additional table layout: Each Position on the table layout Is marked with a separate Color, for example, the early Places are red, and the Blinds are white. If you are in an Early position, you should only Enter trades with cards that Are marked with the same color. Then you should use it In a different way, since Each subsequent position also includes The hands that are used In the previous one. For example, two Aces marked In red will be promising Hands for all positions from Early to late. Therefore, the widest range is Used on the Button, which Provides the most favorable position In the hand. If you look closely at The chart, it may seem That you can use the Widest possible range of hands On the blinds. However, this is not the Case, because the player in The blinds is at the Greatest disadvantage. But this means that the Poker player who placed the Blind has already entered the Auction without fail. If the opponent has made An increase, it is not Necessary to compare the bet With such cards, and it Is also dangerous. However, when defending the blinds, You will sometimes have to Raise with any hands, but This tactic should be studied Separately in more detail. In addition, the blind can Continue trading if there are No raises, and it can Have any combination of cards. For no-limit hold'em, The starting hand tables may Differ from each other, as Discussed above. So for a newbie, which Prefers to use a ready-Made chart, you need to Choose the correct option. For example, the range for Different positions at the table, Designed for an aggressive player, Will be much wider than The same for a tight player. In addition, you should take Into account the number of Opponents at the table. For a full table with Nine participants, the range will Be narrower, but for a Short table, for example, it Will be wider by six opponents. The fact is that you Have to play more aggressively At the short table to Compensate for the frequent payment Of mandatory bets. To understand the difference, just Compare the two charts. If you choose the visual Aid incorrectly, you may make A mistake and play with The wrong chart for Your situation. Thus, the efficiency of using The hand table will decrease Even more. You can use charts to Analyze your own game by Comparing your ranges with the Recommended ones. This often allows you to Identify gross errors in the Presence of starting hands, which Are not recommended to play generally. Using a ready-made strategy Has significant drawbacks that a Beginner who does not want To form a strategy on Their own or is not Yet ready to do so Needs to know: you can Try using ready-made tables Of starting hands in hold'Em in a micro-limit game. However, keep in mind that The best solution is to Study the strategy in depth, Rather than using visual materials.

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