Table Of Sklansky'S Starting Hands For Texas Hold'Em

This table is taken from The book "hold'em for Advanced players" by David Sklansky And Mason Malmuth

Although this book is primarily Intended for limit poker players, These groups of starting hands Apply to all versions of The poker game.

Texas Hold'em Poker. are divided into groups of Certain hands based on their strength. Group contains the set of The strongest starting hands in Poker, while the weakest hands Are in group.In their book, Sklansky and Malmuth provide readers with some In-depth guidelines for the Strategy of drawing starting hands In Limited Texas hold'em, Using this table. In this article, we cannot Develop guidelines for playing no-Limit Texas hold'em at The cash tables, as: you Should avoid using strict guidelines And established rules as often As possible during your game. In fact, from a purely Strategic point of view, you Will not take too much Out of this table. However, it is always interesting And useful to see how Specific starting hands can be Compared with each other based On their preflop value. Although this table of starting Hands, based on group rankings, Is very popular at the Moment, it is it doesn'T mean that you need To try to learn it By heart. In our opinion, the real Value of this table is That you can see how Different starting groups can be Grouped and ranked based on Their preflop value. it is one of the Most well-known analytical resources About poker.

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