Street Poker Wiki

Straight is a poker combination Consisting of cards of different Suits, the values of which Are in orderThe name that has taken Root in Russian for this Combination 'Street' - translated from English, Street is a bit wrong, Because it is correct to Say 'Straight' translated from English, Order - as intended. A straight combination is stronger Than a pair, two pairs, And three, but it is Not as strong as a Flush, full house, square, or Straight flush. If two or more players Have collected a straight, the Highest card is considered to Be the one with the Highest card.

At the same time, the Lowest straight is from ACE To five, the so-called 'Wheel' - A♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♠.

It takes into account the Situation for players and that There are no cards of The suit we need from The open cards of our opponents. Each time the right card Is opened, the odds will Decrease by, and for each Straight, respectively.

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