Solver. download Solver. for

So, now directly about the Functions of the utility

Solver is a program designed For students rather than high School students

The utility easily copes with The examples of the Institute course.

Solver is a program designed For students rather than high School students.

Solver also finds certain integrals

Of course, because Solver easily Copes with the Institute's examples. course, but the school course In Solver is given a Minimum of attention. Solver performs many I would Even say all possible operations With matrices: addition, multiplication, subtraction, Multiplication by a number, finding The determinant, inverse and transposed matrix. Unfortunately, there is no help Attached to the program, so We couldn't find out The number of integrated functions. But I can say for Sure that Solver copes with The functions of the school Course perfectly.

In addition, Solver can solve Quadratic, cubic, and fourth-degree Equations and find the roots Of any equation on a Given interval.

However, it is not clear For what reason, the program Gave the wrong answer for Many equations. And finally, Solver can solve Systems of equations, but only Algebraic ones, that is, each Equation should contain only arithmetic Operations and exponentiation. But the number of equations Can reach !.

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