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Russian poker has one distinctive Feature, which is why many People prefer it to other Types of this gambling game.

This feature consists in the Game of one player against The croupier, there should be No other participants at the table. Therefore, you have a great Chance of winning, regardless of Whether you are playing at A real table or in An online casino. Russian poker also differs from Other types of poker by The rules of the game, Which will be discussed in This article.

The rules of Russian poker Are completely different from those Of Texas hold'em or Omaha.

The field on which the Game takes place is divided Into six zones, each of Which is intended for a Separate game. So, the first bet, or Ante, is placed on the First zone, and here you Can also place the main bet. The game begins with the Croupier dealing five cards each To himself and the contestant, With the player's cards Face down and the croupier'S last card open. This gives a certain advantage For the player, because on This card he can make A conclusion about the strength Of the dealer's hand. The first bet for a Player, he puts chips on The field marked ante, the Amount of this bet is Agreed in advance. Then the player looks at His cards and decides for Himself whether he needs to Change the cards or the Resulting combination is enough to win. In Russian poker, the main Goal is to collect the Strongest possible combination, and the Size of the win will Depend on its size.

Below is a table that Clearly demonstrates the amount of Payouts depending on the current combination.

In the event that the Dealer and you have the Same hands, the winning side Is chosen by the largest card.

In this case, he only Loses his initial bet, or ante

Just like in Texas hold'Em, the suits are they Have no power here. As can be seen from The table, if you can Collect a combination of T-K, or a pair, then The entre is returned to You, i.e. If a player has a Very bad card, then they Can throw it away without Spending their money on the Opportunity to change some of Their cards.

If your hand still deserves Attention, but you do not Risk opening it, then you Have the right to buy Another card.

In this case, you will Have cards in your hand, Of course, combinations are made Up of a maximum of Five, so in case of Showdown, one of them will Not be counted. There are varieties of Russian Poker, where there are still Double combinations, in this case, The winnings for each of Them add up. Another scenario in Russian poker Is when a player replaces One of their cards. Such a replacement, as well As the purchase of an Additional card, will not be Free, and will cost the Player the cost of the ante. Thus, at the first substitution, The player will already lay Out an amount equal to The size of three bets. If he is not satisfied With his hand in this Case, then a subsequent replacement Of cards is possible, again Accompanied by a decrease in The player's score. In the event that the Participant of the game will Have nothing to pay for The replacement, he will have To open his cards. If the dealer does not Get any combinations during the Hand, then he cannot continue Playing Russian poker and discards His cards, paying the player Chips in the amount of One bet. It doesn't matter if The player himself had at Least some combination at that Time, or if he didn'T have one. This situation is quite offensive When you have a very Strong hand, because in this Case you could significantly replenish Your Bank. However, this problem is also Taken into account in Russian Poker and you can use Your own money to buy A croupier card to replace One of the old ones. Naturally, this purchase may not Justify the money spent, because There is a high probability That even after replacing the Dealer, it will not work Out a combination. In this case, you can Only count on a refund Of the original bet, while The money for the exchange Will remain with the dealer. Russian poker is a fairly Common game in the CIS Countries, but it has also Found its fans in the Countries of the near and Far abroad. The opportunity to face off One-on-one with the Croupier and find out on Whose side luck and skills Are on, attracts many. Learn to play other types Of poker. On the Live games website, You will find a lot Of interesting and useful information: You can easily find any Game or page on our resource. To do this, you need To use the site map - It is very convenient and Clear.

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