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There is a distinction between The small and big blinds

A marker usually a round Disc indicating the order of The first word in the tradeThe first bid in each Round of trading is made By the player sitting to The left of the button. After each hand, the button Moves clockwise to the next player.

Mandatory Texas hold'em and Omaha bet placed by the Player in the first and Second positions before the hand starts.

The player in the first Position must put the small Blind, and the player in The second position must put The big blind. Typically, the small blind is Half the size of the Big blind. The player who has placed The big blind has the Last word in the first Round of betting. For example, a player's Face-up cards in seven-Card stud poker are called A player's Board, while Community cards in Texas hold'Em and Omaha are also Called a Board. So, the flop is the First three cards of the Board in Texas hold'em And Omaha. Mandatory initial bet in seven-Card stud poker, which is Placed by the player who Has the lowest open card On the first round of trading. The final stage of the Hand, when the remaining players In the game open their Cards and compare their combinations.

Cards that are open on The table

Each card has a suit And dignity rank. For example, ♠ and ♥ Are cards of the same value. A pair is two cards Of the same value. A set of requests made By all players at a Particular stage of the game. So, in Texas hold'em, The first round of trading Begins when players are dealt cards. The second is when the Flop is opened, and the Third is when the fourth Card of the Board turn Is opened.

Fourth final – when the Fifth last card of the Board river is opened.

A round ends when the Highest bet placed in a Given round is equalized by everyone. Players are dealt cards, the First player puts chips, the Second puts chips, the third Puts chips. The first player equalizes by Placing an additional chips, the Second player equalizes by placing An additional chips.

The circle is finished.

The maximum number of chips That a player can put In the pot in one Round of trading. According to the maximum bet Value, there are: One of The four groups of cards In the deck, containing cards And indicated by a characteristic Symbol: spades -♠, hearts -♥, Diamonds - ♦ and clubs -♣. A bid in the trading Circle that indicates that you Don't want to fight For the pot. The player must discard their Cards at the end of The game.

If one of the players Has placed an all-in Bet and there are more Than all-in bets in The game, the pot is Divided into two parts: the Main pot and the side pot.

Bets that exceed the all-In amount are added separately – to a side pot.

The first player bets chips. The second player puts all-In- chips – all that He has. The third player equalizes and Raises the bet to chips. In this case, out of Chips placed by the third Player, go to the main Pot, which is claimed by All players, including the second, And are placed separately – In a side pot, which Is currently claimed only by The first and third players Players, because the second one Has no chips to even This bet. If one of the players Also runs out of chips In the course of further Trading, a second side pot Will be created, and so on. a Colored card that is Exactly the same size as The cards used to trim The deck before starting the hand. Once the shuffling process is Complete, the dealer must lay Down the deck, trim the Cards, and place them on The trim card, thus preventing The possibility of accidentally showing The bottom card to any Of the players. Player's place at the Poker table during the game. The first position is the Place next to the button. Then – clockwise. Additional fee to continue participating In the competition and get Additional chips. The possibility of replay is Determined by the Regulations.

The rules may specify special Rules for the last replay Add-on.

The duration of the game Process from the beginning of The dealer's handover to The moment when the pot Is given to the winner. For the purposes of security When dealing cards before the Start of each round of Trading, the top card in The deck is "burned". To do this, the dealer Must hand over the top Card from the deck face Down under the chips in The pot. This process is called burning The card. The dealer should not burn The card only when he Starts a new hand. The first three cards of The Board in Texas hold'Em and Omaha, opened simultaneously, Immediately after the first round Of betting. A trade order that allows You to stay in the Game without putting anything in The Bank. It is allowed if no One has placed a bet In this round of trading yet. Exchange small chips for large Ones at the moment when Small chips are no longer Needed in the game. It is determined by the Chief judge of the competition. If two layouts belong to The same combination, then their Seniority is determined depending on The seniority of the cards. No priorities are set between The suits.

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