Roman Shaposhnikov Poker. Texas Hold'Em Course'

Among such books is the Textbook "Poker

Has been around for decades

The game does not stand Still, but is constantly evolving And changing.

Many professional athletes and Amateurs Note that poker is very Dynamic – from time to Time additional disciplines appear, individual Moments change, and new requirements arise. Yes, and the players themselves Contribute to development – they Generate new strategic moves, which As a result leads to The emergence of new trends And trends. For the beginners and the Professionals will not prevent a Careful study of the new textbooks. Modern publications help to identify Trends in the development of Poker and delve into its Real features. Course of Texas hold'em", The author of which is Roman Shaposhnikov. Classic authors have always attracted The interest of newcomers. However, understand that what is Modern poker, what are the Popular strategies and how great Are the chances of achieving A serious win, you can Learn from the works of Modern authors. It is precisely these aspects That Shaposhnikov focuses on in His manual. He is a professional player Who has managed to make A career in sports poker. It is based on numerous Author's methods and developments. Of course, after reading the Manual, you will not get Any winning recipes. The author does not seek To prove the advantages of Any particular category. In the textbook, you will Find a different type of Information-it encourages readers to Think analytically in mastering the Game, shows the need for Logical and correct construction of The learning process. Roman Shaposhnikov started his career In poker when there was Very little information about the Game in Russia and it Was a novelty for many people. He took his first steps Back in. At that time, there were Simply no professional athletes in The country, there were no Textbooks and accessible methodological developments Of foreign professionals. To become a successful player, He had to learn all The subtleties from his own Experience, playing and gaining new skills. This process was quite successful, So the novel was published in. I discovered that the biggest Problem for novice players was The lack of systematic information About the game and possible strategies. Poker players simply couldn't Use the literature available to Western players. Every rule, every step in The game had to be Tested directly at the table, Communicating with other players, learning From their experience and knowledge. And if at first this Activity was just a pleasure, Then over time for Roman Poker opened up on the Other side-as a tool For generating income. There was also a desire To write your own manual To help beginners. Thus was born the book "Poker.

The author is not just A theorist

Texas Hold'em Course".

Co-author was made by Sergei Colimacon. Shaposhnikov's manual soon became Very popular. And now it is popular With beginners. This is confirmed by the Fact that the book has Already been reprinted three times.

It can become a guide To the world of poker For beginners.

The Textbook "Poker. The Texas hold'em course Will help beginners master the Basic skills of the game. The training course is built On the basis of our Own experience of a professional Who has tested them in Practical use. The author also points out That knowledge of the rules Is the basis for success. However, you can only achieve Victory by accumulating practical skills And regularly honing them. Shaposhnikov draws attention to three Important aspects of the game-Psychological aspects, analytical calculations and Logic of actions at the table.

One book, of course, will Not be enough for a Brilliant career.

However, it will become an Incentive for further self-development Of the poker player. Together with the acquired knowledge, The reader becomes the owner Of the ability to analyze Existing game strategies, explore all The features of specific situations. A beginner will be able To study the theory in detail. This information will be useful Regarding manipulation patterns at the Poker table. The statistical tables provided in This book will also be Valuable for beginners. This is not just ready-Made knowledge, but an incentive For a poker player to grow.

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