PokerStars Tournaments-Schedule, Overview Of Regular

Competitions gather tens of thousands Of participants

The PokerStars tournament schedule will Satisfy any player-it includes A variety of formats, a Wide range of buy-insThe biggest PokerStars tournaments are Listed in the Guinness Book Of world Records! Get acquainted with regular events – choose the appropriate format, Play for free, for real money. The schedule includes popular and Exotic poker disciplines and various formats. The event is selected using A filter that allows you To sort games by price, Structure features, and types of poker. The largest PokerStars tournaments are Held on Saturdays and Sundays In the evening in Moscow. PokerStars sets minimum prize pools For major events – guaranteed The fact that the prizes Will be high, regardless of The number of participants. The actual prize money exceeds The guaranteed amount by - due To the high popularity of The main regular events. Sunday school has been held Weekly since. The name reflects the size Of the guarantee-one million dollars. The participation fee is$. It starts at: Moscow time. Satellites with buy-ins starting From $. You can get from, to, registrations. Every year in March, it Is held in the anniversary Format of the Anniversary Sunday Million with prize money of $ Million – the reward for The first place reaches$. The event is listed in The Guinness Book of world Records for the largest prize Pool played online. A budget Sunday event costs$. Buy-ins in qualifying satellites-From $.

The daily total prize guarantee Exceeds one million dollars

available with payment of a Fee in StarsCoin coins. $, is awarded and the First place prize reaches$. It starts at: Moscow time. In the anniversary format, the Guarantee increases to one million Dollars! The game is played with Deep starting stacks there are Chips in the blinds. An expensive Sunday Warm-Up With a buy-in of$ Starts at: Moscow time.

Highly sought after by experienced Poker players.

A $, guarantee and a small Number of participants ensure high Prizes for the finalists. The cost of qualifiers starts From$. As part of the online Series, it is held in The Daily format with a Buy-in of$.

The tournament schedule is based On regular weekly series.

They combine events with a Similar structure.

For user convenience, PokerStars tournaments Are marked in different colors In the list.

Additionally, daily events are held In various disciplines and mixed Games that are not assigned To specific series. The price ranges from $. to hundreds of dollars.

Guarantees are low, but prize Pools in popular tournaments increase Due to the large number Of participants – qualifiers are Not held.

PokerStars Spin-and-Go tournaments, A popular tournament type, are Separated into a separate tab. This is a three-seat Sit-and-Go modification. Feature – random prize pool The Fund determined by the Drop-down multiplier. The minimum prize is installments, And the maximum prize is, Buy-ins. The prize goes to the Player who finishes in first place.

When the maximum multiplier drops Out, the reward is divided Into all participants – the Winner takes the most part.

In standard events, levels change Every minutes. In Flash format, the game Goes faster – the blinds Increase every minutes marked with A lightning icon in the lobby. PokerStars offers a wide range Of CIS tournaments.

Advantage – they do not Start according to the schedule, But only when the number Of participants set by the Rules is reached.

Several dozen low-cost single-Table events are held per hour. Multi-table games are less Popular – mostly micro-limits Are played. The PokerStars online series holds The Guinness Book of world Records as the largest online Tournaments in terms of prize Money and number of participants.

PokerStars hosts the largest poker Series in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

On the threshold of offline Mode the championship room organizes Online selection, sweepstakes of tickets In promotions, freerolls. The room acts as a Series sponsor-it provides guarantees That ensure the attractiveness of events. Tickets drawn in online qualifiers Include money for the tournament Fee, travel to the venue, Entertainment, food, and accommodation. The player who wins the Ticket does not bear their Own expenses for participating in The events. Online qualifiers allow you to Win tickets to tournaments for A lower price. Entries to online and offline Events are awarded. Satellites are marked in blue In the schedule. Free satellites freerolls are held During promotions. For entry into freerolls with Restricted access must adhere to The conditions of the promotion. PokerStars offers unlimited opportunities for Tournament players.

The range allows you to Play comfortably with a small Buy-in, satisfies fans of High bets.

Learn more about the flagship Of the weekly schedule – Sunday Million. Become a member of the Largest Sunday school for $, passing The stage selection.

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