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If certain functions are banned, disable them or not use it

Fair competition in poker involves using your own intelligence, playing experience, and ensuring a level playing field for your opponentsWhen playing online poker, users can apply software that provides an advantage. By using the approved PokerStars software, an experienced player can significantly increase their earnings. Using the same banned apps result in your account being blocked and funds being withdrawn. We offer instructions explaining the rules for using third-party software tools in PokerStars, including detailed up-to-date lists of allowed and prohibited software. The poker room does not restrict players from using software tools that do not provide a clear advantage over their opponents. This room allows you to use programs that require a lot of gaming experience to work successfully. The room divides auxiliary applications into three categories: the Room uses the poker client to identify players who use the second and third categories of software, violating the rules.

The game platform is able to determine which programs are installed and running on the player's PC - the user allows this by confirming their agreement with the rules during registration.

One-time or minor violations of PokerStars use of poker software usually result in a warning message sent to the email address listed below. Punishments in the form of blocking and sometimes withdrawing funds are imposed on players: it is Necessary to check the installed software with the lists of prohibited ones, do not install programs that are not included in the lists of allowed ones.

Before starting the poker client, it is recommended to close unnecessary applications - the browser, instant messengers, and tools that are allowed for use outside the game.

If you are in doubt about the possibility of using third-party software, please contact technical support in advance by providing the name and description of the functionality. Users are allowed to use programs for PokerStars that do not provide a clear advantage in the game.

It is allowed to use tools that collect statistics of the player and opponents at the moment when the user is at the game table.

Functionality is limited - the displayed statistics should not depend on the gameplay and the behavior of the opponent. Poker players who often use popular statistical trackers they acquire established databases for specific disciplines and table limits. The exchange and purchase of databases - is prohibited, it is necessary to use data collected during a private session.

Manual search is time-consuming, but not prohibited

Services for setting up hotkeys are allowed, provided that they provide more convenient management, but do not provide the poker player with advantages. You can set specific actions for the keys, but you can't allow macros to choose their own command. Example: it is Allowed to set up a hotkey for a bet in of the Bank. A macro that selects a random bet value in the specified range is prohibited. It is allowed to use software that makes it easier to track tournament statistics-showing the remaining and elapsed game time, the average stack of opponents, the position of the poker player relative to opponents, etc. PokerStars Clients can use software that makes it easier to play a multi-table game. It is allowed to crop the interface of tables, automatically distribute them on the screen, highlight games with strong cards, switch between tables. However, the program should not perform a poker player's search for tables based on opponents and statistics, perform automatic landing, or take a queue. If you have been using multi table game apps for a long time, please review the rules. In, new requirements for scripts with automatic landing were introduced. The rules of the poker room indicate an approximate list of allowed programs - it does not include a complete list, but is periodically updated and changed.

The poker site recommends that you check with technical support the status of each app that the player plans to install.

Some software tools can be installed by the poker player without violating the rules of the poker room, but you can't run them while the poker client is running.

Additional restrictions are imposed on certain functions of applications that run simultaneously with the game platform. The ban applies to calculators that perform advanced calculations of Equity, ICM, optimal ranges, and others indicators that allow the player to find out the best solution in a particular situation.

The forbidden category includes calculators that work automatically and require manual data entry.

PokerStars programs that contain reference materials that suggest profitable actions in various situations, or facilitate access to tables and charts, are prohibited. This category includes various poker strategy simulators with ready-made or defined charts. In some versions, help functions may be disabled, which allows you to run them simultaneously with the client.

It is not forbidden to install and use tools that are not included in the prohibited lists when the poker app is closed, if they do not carry particularly malicious functions.

Conditionally allowed software when Opening the game platform, make sure that you close applications that cannot be run while the game client is running and that the software does not function in the background. The category includes a wide range of popular instant messengers that allow players to exchange information about closed cards during the game in real time. This doesn't mean that you can't use Skype or other messengers that provide access to your desktop. During the game, Skype and other messaging services can only be used for correspondence and video calls, without providing the interlocutor with access to the PC desktop. Programs for PokerStars (software, online services, mobile versions) that are not allowed to run simultaneously with the poker client: the rules of The room prohibit any tools that provide the poker player with obvious advantages, allow you to exchange data about closed cards, make decisions for the player, automate individual actions. The profile is blocked even if the client used software with the listed functions that is not included in the restricted list.

Live streaming of a real game on Twitch channels is not allowed.

it is considered an exchange of data about closed cards and is not penalized. Opponents are in the same position - each opponent can get information about the pocket hand of the hero of the broadcast. Bots are software that performs game actions for the user - selecting and declaring a decision, determining the bet range, controlling the interface keys, etc. This category does not include tools that make it easier to control the gameplay using hotkeys. Prompters indicate applications that give direct hints-indicating the optimal solution, the size of the bet, etc. This category includes calculators that calculate metrics that the user would not be able to determine on their own. Example: a Calculator that calculates Equity based on the opponent's hand range performs a prohibited function. A calculator that calculates Equity against random opponent hands is allowed to be used (hold'em Indicator). Choose the best tables and single-table tournaments for the player, and produce automated check-in, boarding, or take a turn. Versions that choose games based on table statistics and the number of participants are prohibited (they find games with the most loose playing field and allow you to chase weak opponents). Some programs for PokerStars find a player by nickname, statistics and inform the poker player of their location - cash table, tournament. The ban is circumvented by manually searching for an opponent - by viewing the list of participants in the table or tournament in the lobby. Do not install or use any of the applications or services listed in the following list on your computer, even if you plan to launch them when the poker client is closed: to avoid blocking your account or funds, we recommend that you strictly adhere to the rules of playing PokerStars.

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