PokerStars-all-in equity calculator

the PokerStars poker client has a new feature - the all-in equity indicator of the hand, which shows the probability of winning a hand as a percentageThis feature is enabled by default in versions and of the poker program Poker Stars, while the user can disable it in individual settings (read more here). Now, if a player goes all-in, they can see an indicator next to the avatar that shows the probability of winning the hand as a percentage. At the same time, the coefficient changes as the Board cards are opened. This feature is not new in online poker, but it is the first time it has been introduced at PokerStars. The new functionality doesn't give you any additional chances to win, but it is quite useful. First of all, this applies to beginners who can use the all-in equity indicator, such as a learning opportunity. When deciding to go all-in, an inexperienced player can immediately see how correct his decision was in percentage terms. Many players use various odds calculators-paid or free applications that allow you to determine the probability of winning at different stages of trading. However, many poker rooms do not welcome the use of third-party software and provide their own tools to improve the performance of the game. For example, the Titan Poker room has developed its own odds calculator, which all its players can legally use in the game.

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