Poker For beginners. Debriefing With Holdem

However, it is unlikely that Many people do this regularly

It is unlikely that anyone Will deny that the analysis And analysis of your game Is necessary and usefulFor some reason, there is An opinion that analyzing the Game is a long and Tedious task. Now I will show you That this is not the Case – sometimes just minutes After a session is enough To assess the main errors And lay the Foundation for Deeper analysis, which can be Carried out less often. We will use it to Do this, use the built-In functions of HoldemManager.

Consider the first method-marking The hand during the game For a more detailed analysis After the session.

First, click on the gear To open the Hud Options window

First, you need to launch HandViewer of course, during the Game session. Look at the drawing. In the settings window, click On the HandViewer button to Open the HandViewer window. If you are interested in Any distribution, just put a Check mark in the upper-Left corner next to the Result of the distribution. Everything is clearly shown in The figure: after the session, Open the reports– Sessions tab, Check the MarkedHands field, and Then HoldemManager will show you Only those hands that were Marked: the Second way to Analyze the session is to Classify hands by assigning tags.

You can come up with Your own, but for Express Analysis, I suggest using ready-Made ones.

What tags does Holdem Manager offer? There are four of them: BadBeats, Bluffs, ForReview, and SuckOuts Winning hands that reached the draw. How do I use them? For example, after the session Is played, we open the Hands, sort the hands by Bank size NetWon column, and View the hands with large banks. If the distribution falls under Any category, we note it. You can do this directly In the replay, as shown In the picture: after you View and mark all the Hands you are interested in, Won and lost, go back To the Reports tab and Select the desired session. In the lower half of The Holdem Manager window, the Hands will be shown as A table. You need to check the Marked Hands box and select Which hands to show in The drop-down list: if You select, for example, BadBeats,You can see how many Badbeats are lost. The Bluffs tag shows the Success of your bluffs. You can add your own Tags, but we'll talk About this next time.

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