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The Chip Race is a Bi-weekly podcast sponsored by Unibet PokerA couple of weeks ago, An animated video of an Episode of the Chip Race Appeared on YouTube, in which Kristen Bicknell and Dara O'Kearney discussed one of the Most exciting hands played between them. A big fan of poker, The screenwriter of the acclaimed Movie "Sharper" Brian Koppelman met With professional gambler Eric Seidel As part of his podcast. We discussed the filming of A movie, illegal gambling in New York establishments, as well As the confrontation with a New generation of players.

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Since the beginning of the New year, the GGNetwork network, Which includes this online poker Room, has been launching ggcare Freerolls for cash players affected By bad beats and other troubles. Add funds to your Poker Account and get up to Two additional bonuses. The offer may appeal not Only to poker players, but Also to fans of sports Betting and online casino games. Well-known TV journalist Larry King invited poker player, millionaire Playboy and, as it turned Out, philanthropist Dan Bilzerian to His show 'Larry King Now'. When it comes to the Big blind, size matters. People with different limits play differently. In this regard, we decided That it would be great To tell you about how High-stakes professionals, accustomed to A variety of theoretically advanced Concepts, approach such a limit As the good old NL.

What came of it, read In this article

To do this, we parsed The session David's 'MissOracle' Take a look at Zoom NL, highlighting three hands that Will give you an idea Of how very good players Adapt to a pool filled With players making various mistakes.

Thanks to the last two Gaming sessions, each of which Ended with a six-figure Profit for Daniel Negreanu, the Canadian managed to Dodge a Million dollars minus in the Heads-up challenge with Doug WCGRider Polk.

Moreover, he ruled out the Possibility of surrendering early. In today's article, we Will talk about the most Important components of every successful Poker player.

Components, the lack of which In most cases means a Suboptimal game and, as a Result, a loss of EV.

Working tirelessly on yourself and Following these rules is crucial To the outcome of your Game in the long run. Since the $ $ head-up between Douglas Polk and Daniel Negreanu Started in early November, the Former wins $, against his opponent After, hands. Recently on Reddit Douglas created A post in which he Answers questions related to this Heads-up.

We have looked through this Thread to highlight the most Interesting questions that were answered Douglas.

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