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The most common type of poker to analyze is Texas hold'em

Poker calculator is a special utility, the main purpose of which is to calculate equity in various currenciesgame situations. Today, there are a lot of poker calculators, both online and offline versions. When simulating a game situation, the user can set each player both a specific hand and a range of hands. You can also specify the cards that came out on the flop, turn, and river. Thus, you can get a complete picture of equity for each player taking part in the simulated situation and draw appropriate conclusions. Since equity is one of the main parameters for calculating any poker situation, or even strategy, the poker calculator is the main tool for poker analysts. A poker calculator would also be convenient to use in real time when playing online poker, but most poker rooms prohibit the use of calculators and programs that calculate equity, so you can only use it outside the game. The most advanced tool among the poker calculators are of GTO (GTO - Game Theory Optimal) calculators. These software tools allow you to calculate the optimal strategy in a given game situation (based on a given stack, pot, bet tree, and starting ranges of players hands). A recognized leader in the production of TRP calculators is the company Simple Poker, it has developed such programs as.

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