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After all, people play for money, for big and not so much

for the purpose of further playing them disguised as a real person (since they are officially prohibited)

It is obvious that one player may have an advantage over another.

I once asked A matemate in the BOS what he thinks about this.

He replied that this advantage is even more difficult to find there.

This should attract smart people, I think

Yes, it is difficult to find an advantage, but at least there it is possible! It is quite realistic to earn more than $ - million in a year if successful. Or more modestly, if the robot will only hit the micro-spacers.

Here mathematical knowledge (game theory and in General) is very important.

Because there are people with such enthusiasm at the time was studying neural networks, for example. You can look for patterns where they are exactly there. Most of them can't do anything useful, because you need to use serious math (all sorts of incomprehensible formulas, etc.) Yes, serious poker rooms (poker stars) are watching, but they are not gods, if you want you can hide it (OCR table recognition, human-like mouse movements, timings and everything, you don't fall at all), this is not a problem.

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