Online Poker Is Banned In Russia, Prospects

Poker is banned in Russia That's what most people Think, who have never played The game in their lives, And have no idea how They play it at allAt the same time, they Argue that today all poker Sites are blocked by providers, And advertising poker on television Is officially prohibited, and both By Federal laws TV channels, As well as local ones. But is this really the case? And does poker really have The status of a forbidden Game in Russia ? We tried to understand this Issue, poker Was not always Banned in Russia.

Of course, during the Soviet Era and poker, as such, Was not in the country, But the government then especially Zealously fought against all gambling.

Therefore, if people played cards, It was only in their Kitchen, surrounded by friends and acquaintances.

The turning point occurred in The s of the last Century, after the collapse of The Soviet Union. Almost all major cities started Opening casinos and establishments with Slot machines, but there was Also a place for poker In such clubs. True, the level of gambling At that time was quite Low among Russians, and the Same bandits and racketeers who Were resting after a hard Day's work were frequent Guests of such establishments. Accordingly, in the casino of Those times, there were often Showdowns, and very often with The use of firearms. In the s, with with The development of the Internet, Poker in Russia has found Its second life. Every player had access to All the poker rooms, no Locks and bans were even Expected at that time. Moreover, in, the Russian Minister Of sports, Vitaly Mutko, issued A decree according to which Poker was recognized as a Sport, along with chess. That period was the most Fruitful and promising for Russian Poker in General. There are no restrictions on The game of poker in Russia was not, it was Possible to play in online Poker rooms and offline. Accordingly, even in small towns, Fairly good poker clubs were Opened, where all the rules Of the game were observed And even entire tournaments were held. At one time, it was Even planned to hold the Russian poker championship! However, after only two years, In, the same Vitaly Mutko Signed another order, according to Which poker was assigned the Status of a gambling game. And, accordingly, since then, almost All offline and online poker Has been banned in Russia. We don't have our Own We can't hold Any tournaments legally, and the Legislation provides for a real Criminal penalty for organizing such tournaments. Now offline poker in Russia Is banned throughout its territory, With the exception of specially Designated gaming areas, such as Azov city. There you can play poker Freely, and even special casinos And poker clubs have been Built for this purpose.

However, the problem is that There are only a few Such game zones in Russia, And they are located very Far from major cities.

Accordingly, the only possible way To play poker for Russians Are online poker rooms, which, Although officially banned, still function Quite well, bypassing any blockages Of Roskomnadzor. In addition, the players themselves Today are well aware, for Example, of the ways to Bypass PokerDOM locks, which can Be used to gain access To this poker room. At the same time, it Is worth noting that the Legislation does not say anything About the ban on gambling itself. That is, criminal and administrative Liability is provided exclusively for The organization of gambling, but Not for their participation. Accordingly, if you wish, you Can safely play poker online Without fear of possible consequences. At the same time, the Poker rooms themselves feel quite At ease in Russia. After all, they are all Registered abroad, and their game Servers are also located there. Accordingly, Roskomnadzor can not completely Close these poker rooms. For example, the same PokerDOM Is based in the Netherlands Antilles And is subject to The laws of this country only.

And this is despite the Fact that it is entirely Focused on Russian-speaking players.

Of course, the ban on Poker in Russia is not Beneficial to anyone. This is not profitable for Players who are forced to Find ways to bypass the Blockages every time to access Their poker room. This is also unprofitable for Poker rooms, which must look For workarounds and create mirrors In order to players could Access their site. Actually, this is not profitable For the deputies themselves, since Together with online poker they Lose quite good additional income To the Treasury. Approximately budget revenues from online Poker in Russia can reach About billion rubles in the First years, and about - billion Rubles a year after a Few years. That is why in, for The first time, the question Of legalizing poker in Russia And finally lifting the ban On it was openly raised. We are talking about a Draft law that should be Considered closer to the end Of the year. Unfortunately, no specific regulations have Been adopted yet.

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