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The new Governor wants to Ban poker games

Too much money, in the Opinion of an important official, Is wasted, and it could Be used for the common goodBut some people, and you In particular, think otherwise.After all, card games are Not just a waste or Earning of money. First of all, players like The process itself.

It seems to him that Gambling will not bring people To good

For some citizens, it is Already a well – established Tradition to exchange cards on Friday evening.

Go to the place where This new Governor lives to Prove your views to him.What is required of you Is the same as what You usually do – to Become the best by winning One tournament after another. Bluff, hope for luck, or Build your own clever strategies-There is no difference. The main thing is to Leave the casino as much As possible possible profit. Day after day, you will Slide along the very edge Of the abyss.To take risks or not, To deceive your opponents when Your own cards are not Played correctly – you can Learn everything in the process. A new challenge called King Of poker will attract a Lot of attention. Perhaps the Governor himself will Want to join if the Game gets really bright colors. Add your own bit of Interest to the process.How to play:Only with the Mouse.

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