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Let's briefly recall the Rules of "hold'em"

One of the most interesting Card games is waiting for You in "King of poker "Take a trip to Texas From the time of the Wild West to become a Poker legend or go down For IG 'Online game King Of poker Governor of Poker One of the most interesting Card games is waiting for You in The "king of Poker ". Take a trip to wild West Texas to become a Poker legend or spend all Your cash at the table. The Texas town of Amarillo Is waiting for participants of The poker tournament.

Do you see a good combination? Raise your bid

Can you take on the Challenge, win a lot of Money, and buy the biggest Hat in Texas? The rules and combinations of Cards are described in detail In the instructions of the Simulator, but "King of poker " Is not limited to just Sitting at the playing table. You will have to prove To the mayor of the Town, who decided to ban Poker, that this is not Just a gambling game Choose A hat to your taste And go on poker adventures In the Wild West, artfully Restored by skilled artists.

Take your time, while you Walk through the streets of Amarillo, take a closer look At the inhabitants, look into The tavern and figure out What you will spend the Money you won.

Can sign a contract that Guarantees a stable flow of Dollars to your gaming account. But if you can't Wait, then welcome to the Tournament, try to earn your First hundred. "King of poker " offers A convenient top view of The game table. We will play Texas hold'Em, the most popular version Of this card game. Combinations of cards can always Be found in the instructions. Those who have gathered for The game receive a pair Of cards and place bets. Then five more "community" cards Are laid out in three rounds.

In each game, you must Analyze the possible combinations of Your cards and those on The table.

If you have passed "garbage" - refuse. Nice graphics and a neatly Drawn town with a tavern, A small Church, and even A train station with a "Real" steam train will inspire You to play poker. Keep calm, confuse your opponents With flashy emotions you need To click on the hat And become the king of Poker, whose fame thunders all Over the world The Wild West. Don't forget to visit The hat shop, because the More hats a Texan has, The more they are respected. When playing online poker, don'T forget to keep an Eye on your watch time Flies away unnoticed for hours! Share your feedback about the Game in the comments, discuss The passage of "King of Poker ", toy keys and other tricks. And if you need this Game for PC, here you Can download the game King Of poker for free on Your computer.

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