News: Where To Play Online Poker With Your Friends?

And here the Home Games Tab will come to your aid

As you already know, many People have to stay at Home and have some fun Without losing contact with their friends

One of the most rapidly Gaining popularity 'where to play Online poker with friends' has Become a popular search term, As players want something to Replace their usual 'home' games.

However, there are not many Sites offering private tables only For friends. Most poker rooms have so-Called "blind lobbies", where players Are randomly seated, so you Can't just invite friends To your place to play. As the name suggests, you Can create a private club Consisting only of players invited By you personally. You can create cash tables And tournaments for both conditional And real money. To do this, you and All your friends need to Create an account, then find The Home Games tab in The PokerStars client lobby. Here you can create your Own poker club or join An existing one. After creating a club, you Will have the opportunity to Invite up to people using A unique invitation password. Next, you can create any Games and tournaments with all Possible limits. You can even create your Own tournament rankings and keep Statistics to identify the best Player in the club. If that's not enough, You and your friends can Also take part in our Exclusive PokerStars Freeroll series.

The next series of Double Action freerolls is ahead, which, As always, rewards new depositors Who have created linked accounts For access to exclusive tournaments With $ in prize money each.

Until the end of Thursday, March, you still have time To make your first Deposit And get access to all Eight Double Action tournaments in These rooms. A Deposit made after this Date qualifies for all remaining Freerolls New players can also Benefit from first Deposit bonuses And other PokerStars and Full Tilt offers for our users. If a player attracted by Our Tell-a-Friend program Gets prizes in the Freeroll, You will receive the same Amount to your TaF account.

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