News: Poker Basics: Why Do We Bet?

We dominate these hands with AK

If you want to bet For value, requires two conditions: The opponent's hand must Be worse than yours and He must be ready to callWe are in the top Pair on the flop, and We believe that the opponent Has a lot of hands With aces in their range, And it will be difficult For them to throw out, For example, AT, AJ and AQ. If we bet with K Against JT on the rainbow Flop K, this is no Longer a value bet. The opponent's hand is Worse, but they will almost Never continue playing on such A flop. A bluff bet is made With a weak hand to Force the opponent to fold With a stronger hand. If we bet with A On the rainbow flop and The opponent discards KT, this Is not a bluff, as Their hand is not stronger. A good example of a Bluff bet is when there Is a high card ACE Or king on the flop, And the opponent just called Our open raise before the flop. We can assume that he Has a lot of pocket Pairs in his range, which He will get rid of On such flops. We didn't hit the Flop ourselves, but we can Force you to do it. surrender a large number of The best hands. In this case, we make A bluff bet. When we bet to pick Up dead money, our goal Is simply to pick up The pot. We also force the opponent To throw outs against our hand.

We bet on value to Get money out of these hands

Dead money in poker is Money that has already been Invested in the pot. At the beginning of each Hand, this is the money Invested by players in the blinds. During the hand, dead money From limps, raises, and -bets And calls is added to These blinds. Pay attention to the flop With an ACE on the Image above. We raised preflop.

In addition to the blinds, The pot now also holds Money from our opponent's Raise and call.

This money also becomes dead.

In this case, our bet Is neither a value bet Nor a bluff. However, in theory, both are possible. The opponent can pay with Draw hands that are behind, And also discard a stronger Hand like or. However, in this case, we Have a different goal. If the opponent discards cards In response to a bet, We collect a Bank, that Is, dead money. In the case of, the Opponent dropped the worst hand, Which, however, had outs against ours. By betting on the flop, We didn't give him A free look at the Turn and catch one of The outs. So we forced it to Reset the outs.

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