How to play poker even better

It is rumored that only professionals use this technique

Once BroDude taught you the basics of poker, revealing the subtle mechanics of the world's most popular card gameWe sincerely believe that you still remember the meaning of words like check, call, and raise, and a Texas hold'em set is always at hand.

Well, it's time for the big game! Improve your skills and learn the finer tricks, because now we will tell you how to play poker even better.

We know you're very good at angering random passersby and pissing off an unhappy friend. Use this talent wisely.

Rocking the barrel of emotional balance of your opponents is an excellent move that allows you to bring to light their dirty ideas to beat you.

Let them slap each other with cards out of anger, trash chips and shout unpleasant slogans - this is all in your favor.

The main thing is not to lose your own emotional control and have time to Dodge the stray blows of card fate.

seconds, and only then mortgage all your property

As practice shows, a strong desire to kick someone's ass turns into coloring your own fifth point in scarlet. It is unacceptable insanity to let your sense perception run wild, killing the rationality in your thinking system. Gambling doesn't stand for it, but your opponents shouldn't think about it, right? In real life, every second girl who is not indifferent to marriage has fun with this technique, but playing poker is different. The meaning is simple: if you are going to bluff - make a delay of. If you bet too fast or too slowly, your opponents will become suspicious. They will appear in any case, when you have all the chips, but it will be more correct. Let the aroma of aristocratic confidence in the power of your cards hover over the poker table, making your opponents nervous and your friends sigh languidly. If you only need to add a card on the river before the worm flush, and you are sitting with two cross deuces and six opponents at the table, what are your chances of success? That's right, small, like the ambitions of our national team players. Know that poker hides much more complex math, eh? it will have to be understood by everyone who intends not only to play, but also to win - that is, you. In short, make your opponents believe you're bluffing. For this trick, try placing a bet with both hands at once. Make a serious face and use your favorite limbs to move all your chips to the middle of the table. Just try not to grin and be sure that your combination is the strongest in this scenario. The opponents will definitely suspect something is amiss. Another option: after making your own bet, start scratching your nose, coughing, and rubbing your hand together. From the outside, it will seem that you are nervous, which means that you are taking a risk. Every smart player at the table will want to give you a good beating. We hope they haven't read this article. You can think about a lot of things at the poker table, but it's better to think about the game itself. And its realities are such that you will not only have to win, but also often lose the cherished chips. Therefore, it is logical to try to hit a big jackpot, but do not forget what to minimize your losses are also an important task. Know that according to statistics, seven and two are the worst cards in your hand. Reset them immediately if you need to save your chip account. If your bet has been raised twice in a round and the flop doesn't look promising, give up and save the coins instead of lifting up your skirt to fate. Such rationality in actions will help you stay in the game longer, and therefore, time after time, increase the chances of success.

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