How To Download The Rupoker Client, The RuPoker Program

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RuPoker is a young and Actively developing poker room that Is part of the PokerDom networkWorking since the beginning of Rooker managed to conquer a Lot of users for its Stylish simplicity and convenience. You won't find any Online casinos or sports betting Here, but the entire focus Is on playing poker, mainly Texas hold'em. You can play directly in The browser, but for a Comfortable game, it is better To download the RuPoker client To your computer, and we Will discuss this process step By step in this article. So that the installed RuPoker App works smoothly in the Future, and You get all The poker bonuses you need. please follow our instructions, which Will provide you with comprehensive Information on how to download The RuPoker client on your PC and laptop. Before you download the client Rooker on your computer, we Recommend you to clear cookies Of Your browser. This is necessary so that In the future You will Be able to fully receive All the bonuses and gifts From the poker room.

Then click the red Install button

Google Chrome browser-find the "Settings" icon in the upper-Right corner three dots arranged Vertically - select "history" in the Menu that opens, click "Clear History" on the right side Put a bird next to "Cookies and other site data" In the window, uncheck the Remaining boxes  click "Clear history" At the bottom. Opera browser-in the sidebar On the left, find the "History" icon at the top Right, click "Clear history" in The window menu, check the Box next to "cookies and Other site data»  - click "Clear Session history". FireFox browser-open the browser Menu three vertical lines at The top right - select "Log", And then "Delete history" at The top, select " Delete: All "From the drop-down list.»  below, click "Details" and Check the box next to "Cookies" click "Delete now". The next step is to Make sure that the hard Disk hard drive Your personal Computer or laptop has enough Space to install the RuPoker app.

No matter how "ancient" were Not Your PC or laptop, The client program Rooker will Work on it steadily.

But there are still some Minimum requirements for Your machine: Step. Go to the official website Of the poker room by Clicking the "Download" link at The top or bottom of This article. If you have any difficulties Accessing the official site, try Installing the BrowSec browser plugin Or use an anonymizer. Find the file " setup.Exe" and run it by Double-clicking the left mouse button. Then the program installer window Opens: by clicking click "Browse" To change the location of The program on your PC. Below are the "installation Options", Where you can configure some Of the program's options Shortcuts, etc. Installation of the program will Start automatically, and when it Is completed, you will be Prompted to log in: enter The username and password specified During registration. This completes the client installation Procedure, and You can start Playing! If you don't remember Your password, it doesn't Matter: click "Forgot password?". Then enter the email address Where you registered your account And click "Get email".

Within a few minutes, you Will receive instructions from the Poker room for password recovery Via email.

If you don't have A RuPoker profile yet, creating A new one is easy And doesn't take much time. Every player can download the RuPoker app to their computer For free from the official Website of the poker room.

The game client is simple And convenient, and at the Same time very functional: here You can not only play The most popular types of Poker, but also get acquainted With the rules of these Games, contact support, learn about The latest news and promotions Of the poker room, as Well as visit the VIP Store to exchange your points For valuable goods.

You can also play directly In the browser, but the Game in the special app Rupoker will be much richer And more interesting, and You Will be able to fully Immerse yourself in the game. We wish you good luck In the open spaces of RuPoker! We will be glad to Hear Your feedback about this Wonderful poker room below in The comments!.

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