How Do I Set Up Hold'Em Manager

This is the paid version Of the program

It worked, thank you I Suffered earlier when I installed It, but then I scoredNow I have moved to A higher level of buy-Ins and decided that any Help would be welcome. The utility will help you Move through the limits more Confidently, as well as increase Your winrate.

Armed with XM, you will Feel confident, having on-screen Statistics about the behavior of Players at the tables.

Setting up hold'em Manager For poker stars or any Other room will not be A problem even for a beginner. You can download the utility By going to the official Website and clicking on the “buy hm " link. You will be asked to Transfer money and pay for The software. You can also download the Free -day trial version of The program here. Then we launch the distribution Kit and accept the terms Of the license agreement. Then click continue and wait For the installation to complete. If your computer does not Have NET Framework installed, you May need to install it again. In the window that opens, Activate the line and select The folder to store. This will allow you to Save your hand history for A period of days. Then, in the same Options Menu, we look for the Tournament Summary Options sub-item, Selecting which you can activate Saving tournament hands to the Desired folder. Next, you need to go To Holdem Manager, click on The Hand Importing menu, then On Auto Import Folder. We find Folder Name, where We select the path to The folders that we used earlier.

We are looking for the Import from Sub Folders label And check the box next To it.

and find the item that Is in the Options menu

This operation will allow you To import files from Starz'S internal folders to the XM folder. At this point, setting up A hold'em Manager for Pokerstars comes to an end. You can check the import Of hands by playing a Few hands and looking in The save folder. Another important point is that XM only works with the English hand history. If your client's language Is not English you need To change it. Do not forget that for The program to work correctly, You need to have the Current time and time zone On your computer. To set up the time, Select Site Setup in the Home tab, search for the Pokerstars poker room and click On the Auto Detect button. This operation will allow the Hold'em Manager to automatically Set the required time. In some cases, users of Windows, and will need to Set the default run as Administrator for some files in Order for XM to work Correctly: HoldemManager.Exe, PokerStars.Exe and PokerStarsUpdate.Exe for the shortcut and For the file in the folder. You can also add these Files to the list of Antivirus and firewall exceptions. As you can see, setting Up hold'em Manager for Poker Stars is not difficult. By analyzing statistics about players, You will always have an Advantage over those who do Not use this program. XM will allow you to Reach a new level Earned, Thank you I suffered earlier When I installed it, but Then I scored. Now I have moved to A higher level of buy-Ins and decided that any Help would be welcome.

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