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In short, you will get More problems than real profit

The first method is the Easiest, but as a result, You won't get the Full version foreverAfter thirty days, you will See a notification that the Trial license has expired and You need to buy XM From the developers. The second option is usually Used by beginners who do Not have enough money at The start to buy reliable And proven software. Some craftsmen have made sure That everyone has access to The benefits of the digital Age, including poker players.

Therefore, many pirate sites have The option to download Holdem Manager via torrent.

Downloading program files in this Format definitely puts you at Risk, as you may get A version with a virus Or Trojan. When you use a quack Hold'em Manager, all its Advantages can be reduced to Zero by this risk. After all, there is a High probability that attackers will Gain access to your PC remotely. We do not recommend using This method this is also An option for another reason.

A cracked version often causes Crashes and incorrect statistics display In the program.

Therefore, Holdem Manager torrent is Far from the best option. You can download Holdem Manager By working with us. We give players an official Licensed copy of the program For completing simple poker tasks. All you need to do Is just do what you Love and play through our Website in various poker rooms. And we will advise you Where to play the most Profitable game. Select the poker room you Want to play in and You don't have an Account there yet. Register using the links from Our website or contact support Manager Anton via Skype or.

Play a certain amount of Rake and we will give You a holdem manager license For free.

Texas hold'em is the Most popular type of poker Based on incomplete information. In addition to data about Your Bank cards and the Cards on the Board, any Additional information that can give An advantage in the game Is important. Professional players can also get Additional information through special programs That collect and display statistics. One of the most popular Such programs is Holdem Manager. Here we will talk about The second version of the Popular software for collecting additional Statistics and information about opponents At the table Holdem Manager. Holdem Manager is a professional Poker player utility that gives The user a large amount Of additional information about opponents. This gives you a huge Advantage over them. In this program, you will Get access to the HUD HUD, or HOOD, stands for Heads-up display – these Are statistics obtained about the Game of other users, which Were displayed during the game At the table.

The essence of HM is Precisely the accumulation, analysis and Display of this data about Opponents, which helps you play Better and win more.

HM is distributed on a Paid basis. Download hold'em Manager on The official website of the Developer company Max Value Software. In addition, you can now Apply for testing the new Version of the program Holdem Manager.

Finally, the third method is The safest and most profitable

you can download Holdem Manager On the official website: the Paid version of HM is Distributed in two versions: PRO And SmallStakes. The difference is that the Second cheaper option does not Have access to statistics for All limits. In addition, each user can Try out the hold'em Manager software for free. We will tell you about The best ways to get The free version of the Utility below, in the next Paragraph of the article. And the official developer site Offers a Holdem Manager trial. This is a trial version That you can use for A -day period from the Moment you download and install it. In this version, you get Access to the full functionality Of the tracker.

But when the free trial Period ends, you are no Longer able to use it.

you won't be able To get additional statistics. The problem for some users Is that all the functionality Of hold'em Manager is Presented in English, and the Original program does not have A Russian-language interface. That is, if you were Looking for the official Holdem Manager in Russian, we will Have to disappoint you. The Russian version of this Software does not exist in nature. It should be understood that Not all poker sites can Use the program. There are a number of Rooms that do not allow The use of additional software For example, these include Pokerdom And Pokermac. If you play in these Rooms or networks, but still Do not use HUD, then Do not be surprised that The results are not as Positive as we would like.

Competitors who use this software Will always be one step Ahead of you.

Here we do not forget That the program operates with Data that was received during The game when the cards Were shown. The more hands played by The opponents, the more no Statistical data is available about them. First, you need to create A new PostgreSQL database. Specify the path to its Placement or leave the default value.  If you already have a Database, select Select an existing HM database: if you have Used other trackers before, you Can import the previous distribution history.

After that, click Finish, and The basic configuration of the Program is finished.

Next, you should configure the Client programs of the poker Rooms in which you play. To do this, set each Client to save the distribution History on your PC.

The history must be saved In English, and the path To the folder with it Must not contain Cyrillic characters.

The best option is to Simply use the English interface In the room where you play. In this case, there will Be no problems with the Operation of HM. Quite often, new users use The default settings of the XM service.  It's enough to get You started. You can find out more Sophisticated parameters later. Near you can see the Main statistical indicators of your Opponents directly at the poker Room table, based on a Variety of characteristics.

When you hover over a Certain stat, a window POPs Up in which the data Is displayed more clearly.

You can customize all these Parameters to suit your needs, And select only the data That you consider important for Your game. These are the four main Indicators that help you understand Your opponent's strategy. It is they who are Necessarily taken into account when Analyzing the game at the table. The more statistics available – The better. To do this, you need To have information about your Opponents hands. However, if you are using The HoldemManagar program for the First time, there will be No statistics.

In this scenario, mining is used.

This is the name of Importing the hand database.

Mining is strictly prohibited in Most poker rooms.

Sometimes accounts are banned for Using it.

But in reality, we do Not have any real tools To detect the use of mining.

In addition to the main Functionality, HM provides the ability To integrate additional plugins and extensions.

In addition, the service offers Alternative programs for working with Statistics: PokerTracker and HandNote.​ Your privacy is very Important to us.

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If Anton does not respond Within minutes after the request From.

GMT, we will give you Rakeback for a month.

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