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All information posted on the Site is for informational purposes onlyFirst there was a contract With Daniel Negreanu, then five New promotions at once, and Today we have prepared for You an overview of another Batch of updates in the Rooms of this network. On November, we wrote about The rather unexpected signing of Canadian professional Daniel Negreanu for The role of GG Poker Room Ambassador.

At the same time, PokerOK Announced the imminent addition of Its team, as it turned Out, and in this case It meant Kid Poker.

In fact, Daniel signed a Contract with the network itself And became the face of Two rooms owned directly by it.

The result of this step Was yesterday's rebranding of PokerOK: an interesting question about The unique promotions of The Ggpoker room is Whether it Will now also host Poker.

Two other similar promotions were Announced this month: GGPoker Winter Series and Christmas Cracker. It is quite possible that In honor of the rebranding GGPokerOK will hold some of Their own shares. It is now known that From December to December, the Room will host the Zodiac Main Event Satellite several daily Freerolls and satellites for, for The Zodiac Main Event tournament, GTD for. since December, there has also Been a very important change In the probability of prizes Falling out on the reel Of the fish Buffet loyalty system. Previously, it was not the Same for different bonus sizes And, according to a representative Of the network, it could Depend on several factors at once. Now everything will change: This Change should have a positive Impact on the total amount Of rakeback that players of The gg network rooms receive, Because earlier larger prizes fell Out much less often than Small ones.

But the rake return range For these bonuses is quite Large: from to.

Our GGPokerOK players get a Fixed rakeback of, but this New feature will affect even Them, because now there will Be more cases when the Amount of fish Buffet bonuses Will be higher than this figure. Two more new items have Been added to the MTT. Bounty Hunters tournaments in rooms GGS have now lost their Unique trait.

The GG network just flooded Us with news this December

Now they work like classic Progressive knockouts in all other rooms. Also the prizes for the Bounty may not become part Of the deal at the Final table. In all tournaments, the Chess Clock option has been added To the gg network's Room grid, which will allow You to fight long-thinking players. When using the entire time Bank, the time to think About the next action will Always be seconds. If a player saved a Timebank, then in the final Part of the tournament, he Gets extra time for his turn. And for those who play At cash tables on the GG network via mobile devices, A new graphic option Card Squeeze has been introduced. This is a specially created Animation that allows you to View pocket maps in D format. To get a private rakeback Deal in any room of GG networks please contact our Managers in live chat on The website or via messengers: GGPokerOK GG Network is Good For beginners Best room of The network no Deposit bonus Is Good for beginners Best Room of the network No Deposit bonus Up to $ Rakeback Fish Buffet Review we publish All news about the game In various rooms and closed Reservations on private terms in Our Telegram channel. Sign up so you don'T miss out on EV.

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