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exclusively weak opponents, avoiding strong ones

Russian Maxim STINKYBLUFFF said that Ggpokerok unfairly confiscated $, from him And blocked his account. In an official letter, the Poker room gave the main Reason: bumhunting is a form Of selective game in which A player confronts each otherIn poker, this practice is Most common at the heads-Up tables. In these games, the player Can refuse to continue the Match against a strong opponent In order to play with A weak one. To combat this phenomenon, poker Rooms introduce a limit on The number of heads-up Tables or make such tables In Zoom format. STINKYBLUFFF has been playing online Poker for over a decade. His main discipline is cash Games at NL K limits And the poker player can Be found at online tables In many poker rooms, for Example, on PokerStars he plays Under the nickname angryogr. on February, poker player STINKYBLUFFF Received a warning from GGPokerOK, In which the poker room Accused the player of bumhunting. STINKYBLUFFF didn't like it And Maxim applied for a Withdrawal of all funds from His account. This message says that the Poker player violated the rules Of the game in the Poker room and both of His accounts are blocked. On March, STINKYBLUFFF sent a Request to the GGPokerOk security Service, to which I received A reply that on March, GGPoker returned $, in bitcoins to The player, but due to The difference in the exchange Rate, STINKYBLUFFF lost$. The account on GGPokerOK still Remained blocked with the confiscation Of all funds $. A player with the nickname STINKYBLUFF was warned about violating The rules of the poker Room and the inadmissibility of bumhunting. In turn, the poker player Ignored our warning and created A new account in a Similar poker room in our network. The security service considered this Action as a sign of Ignoring the warning and an Attempt to evade the security policy. The service staff decided to Block the player's account And confiscate funds in the Gg poker rooms if a Similar situation occurs. GGNetwork will consider this a Scam and permanently block your Account with confiscation of funds.

Another proof that poker is A great place for beginners

After receiving warnings about bumhunting, Players have the opportunity to Cash out, but attempts to Continue playing in another online Poker room will be severely suppressed.

parties of the GG Network. I fully support GG. Give rooms without bashanta! You did the right thing By confiscating it and banning It! He was also warned that This should not be done, That they would take the Money and delete it. Now let him complain about Himself that he doesn't Understand from the first time. There are rules for everyone, And no one has the Right to break them. I don't like the Policy of the Room, good Riddance, everyone has their own right.

You came to my house And shit, excuse the expression, In the kitchen, and you Should be in the toilet On the toilet, I warned You not to shit, but You still shit went to Another room and shit there And I see you, you Haven't gone anywhere and You keep shitting and shitting, Shitting and shitting come on, I've never seen anything In my life, but I Have please judge which of Us is right and which Is wrong cardmates is not A gambling company and does Not provides gambling services to Its visitors.

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