Games For Two Via Bluetooth In Android And IOS Operating Systems: The

The most common ones are IOS and Android

Playing games alone is good, But playing games together is Even betterEspecially when it comes to Playing over bluetooth, which doesn'T require maximum high-speed Internet access and doesn't Burn tons of traffic. We made a small rating Of games for phones that You can play together. You need to understand that Phones are available on different Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc. So let's talk about Games that are supported on These two operating systems. A well-known game for everyone. Now not on paper, but In the phone, with the Ability to connect the enemy Via bluetooth. Lined up in a checkered Notebook sheet. It will not be boring, As there are elements that Give the game a variety. For example, you can sink Enemy ships in different ways: Classic card game. Only now it is not Necessary to sit on a Bench and lay out a Deck, attracting the attention of Passers-by. You can play on Bluetooth At least on public transport, Even at work, if this Is the case, naturally, it Doesn't distract you from Your duties. How many pages were torn Out of school notebooks for The sake of this game. Now there is no need To spoil the office.

Just download the game to Your phone, connect via Bluetooth To the opponent and immerse Yourself in the process.

The main task is to Surround the enemy's points With your own points. Whoever gets the most wins. The game has four locations, And which are located many items. Items provide danger. In addition, they are guarded By villains, who will not Be so easy to defeat.

And the interface is still The same, painfully familiar

However, players have the option To team up by connecting Via bluetooth. Virus vs Virus is a Series of small games where The main characters are viruses. Nasty little viruses that haunt The player everywhere, whether it'S a logic challenge or A high-speed race. For those players who like More complex tasks, a game Option is available that combines Shooting on one side of The screen and defending against Attacking viruses on the other. in this action game, the Player faces a serious challenge: Conquering the galaxy. This should be done according To carefully planned tactics.

At your disposal will be A spaceship, which serves as The main weapon for defense Against attacks of enemy equipment.

And when two people play, Connected via Bluetooth, the game Becomes doubly exciting and exciting. A well-implemented simulator of A well-known Board game. The game is designed for Two people, devices are paired Via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. Players have a goal set On a rectangular playing field, Hockey sticks and a puck At their disposal. The main goal is to Score as many goals as Possible in the opponent's goal. Traditional "eightfold" Billiards. The developers tried their best And implemented the game graphics At a decent level. It is possible to play Together by connecting via Bluetooth Or via the Internet. The disadvantages of this game Include the unavailability of some Items, for example, better cues Are available only after donating. Many people have probably already Heard about this game. However, its updated version is Very different from the one That was available earlier. There are two variants of The playing field: ordinary and glowing. The main advantages of the Game are excellent dynamics and Incredible ease of operation. Therefore, even beginners can play. In addition, by connecting to Each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, users can fight In the "championship" mode. If you have free time And a partner who wants To share it with you, Then playing something on the Phone together is a good option. And what exactly to play, You can decide by reviewing The offers of games in Our selection. All the games listed above Imply the possibility of playing Together via a Bluetooth connection. The information on the site Is provided for review, the Site administration is not responsible For using the information posted On the site and copying The site materials without permission. no active hyperlink to the Original is allowed.

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