Experts Discussed Whether Online Poker Will Be

on state regulation of gambling activities

Today in Russia, the legal Status of this game is Limited - officially, poker is allowed Only in gambling zonesHowever, there is still a Large-scale sector of the Game on the Internet, the Discussion of the issue is Currently gaining momentum. In the age of telecommunications, Bans are easily circumvented, and Many Russians prefer long flights To gambling zones and play Poker online.

organization and conduct of gambling

According to legal experts, it Is almost impossible to actually Ban online games. According to Nikita Zakharov, a Lawyer at the European legal Service, at the moment any Gambling through Internet sites, except For betting, is prohibited on The basis of part of Article of Federal law No. "Of course, this ban Is primarily aimed at protecting Citizens from gambling, which empties Their pockets and has quite Tangible social consequences both for The citizens themselves, who are Addicted to gambling, and for Their family members," the lawyer comments. At the same time, Nikita Zakharov believes that the legislator Should pursue not only declarative And prohibitive goals of such Activities, but also provide for The real possibility of implementing Such prohibitions. However, such sites are usually Registered on foreign domains and Are out of the reach Of any Russian regulatory authorities.

The same opinion was expressed By Chairman of the Collegium Of advocates starinsky, of Cartago And partners Eugene Cartago.

In his opinion, the prohibition Of anything including gambling at The state level, as a Rule, faces problems with the Transition of the prohibited aspect From the legal plane to The shadow one.

Poker lovers claim that poker Is not a gambling game, But an intellectual game, or At least a game that Is located at the intersection Of gambling and intellectual games, Developing mental skills and the Ability to manage yourself. Recently, a native of Volgograd, Konstantin Maslak, won the world Poker championship tournament. Maslak won the Omaha stud Hi-lo tournament, one of The varieties of poker, which Was attended by players, including The strongest foreign professionals. Maslak won a gold bracelet - The main prize for winning The World series of poker. To become a champion in A game that requires careful, One might say, mathematical calculation, The Russian player was allowed By his logical abilities - Maslak Is a chess grandmaster. However, few people know about The success of the Russian. "State regulation of poker In Russia is a necessary Step in maintaining an adequate Perception of adult games," says Julia khairulina, marketing Director at Gleb Svetlanski branding. Passion and the desire for Success, which form self-control In decision-making and evaluative Judgments of their actions, contribute To the development of personality, Stimulating thought processes. At the same time, according To experts, in addition to Moral and legal considerations, there Are also purely economic ones. The online poker industry is Huge in scope. So, according to estimates of The international organization for the Regulation of online games AGCC Operating in the British channel Islands, there are more than A billion player accounts in Various poker rooms in The World, and approximately million people Play poker online every day. Indirectly, the volume of global Online poker is also evidenced By the largest transaction in This market last year-the Most famous online poker tournament Portal PokerStars was sold for $. billion to the canadian company Amaya, which enlisted the financial Support of the largest investment Banks on wall street. It is difficult to estimate The number of Russians who Play poker online, but a VTSIOM survey counted million fans Of this game. That is why the question Arises about state regulation of Poker in Russia, but not In the form of poker Clubs, which may turn out To be a screen for Ordinary casinos, namely Internet poker. We are not talking about The game itself, but only About creating a virtual infrastructure For it under Russian jurisdiction Instead of foreign sites. At the same time, it Will be much easier for The state to regulate the Ban on access to minors And fight fraud. The plot is as follows: Poker is prohibited here, but Any Russian citizen can safely Play online via the Internet.

At the same time, revenues Are received by foreign operators It is possible that there Are Russian citizens among the Beneficiaries of operators, but the Russian budget does not receive Anything, " says Alexander Trifonov, chief Expert of the legal service.

Consequently, the legalization of online Poker in Russia with personal Verification of adult players, licensing Online operators and control over The receipt of taxes to The budget will not hurt anyone. Such proposals are formulated by The League of poker enthusiasts. The concept of state regulation Of online poker is being Discussed in the government of The Russian Federation.

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