Download Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator Hacked Mod A

A unique game for those Who would like to have Something more advanced than a Regular terrarium, because here you Can not only see the Life of ants, but also Independently participate in building their livesStarting with just a few Individuals, you will have to Establish a large colony, increasing Its number, arranging all its New premises and opening up New opportunities for your ants. Collect resources, defend against enemies, Raise a new generation and See how difficult their lives are. Thanks to the mod for A lot of money, you Can significantly speed up your Development, because resources in this Game are the most important thing. Manage to create your own Colony, which will have everything You need to support its life. Drag home everything you can Find, because on the farm Absolutely everything will come in handy. This is your own insect Civilization that can't cope Without you. Allocate resources correctly, give preference To certain areas, and test The correctness of your development Strategy in practice. Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator has Fairly simple graphics, but a Rather complex and developed game System that allows you to Establish a variety of production And construction chains that will Become the basis for the Well-being of your colony. Create your farm, grow your Army, fight with other colonies Over resources and the possession Of territories. Create a powerful colony that Can take part in world Raids with other players against The old enemies of the Ants that have become the Bosses of this game. Lead your ant colony to Success and prosperity, despite all The difficulties and obstacles.

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