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The second wave of the COVID- pandemic brought us another Batch of news from the United States States

This time, the owners of The California state casino were Surprised by their resourcefulness.

Governor Gavin Newson signed a Decree according to which all Casinos will once again have To go into quarantine.

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However, the owners of establishments Managed to circumvent this rule And continue working. The first thing the casino Did was move the gaming Area to the street. However, players will still be Forced to sit at the Tables in masks and keep Their distance.

To ensure that this rule Is not violated, the playing Areas were separated by special Transparent partitions.

In addition, a ban on Drinking drinks at the gaming Table was introduced. This year, the San Jose Casino has already resorted to The same measures. As practice shows, in the Game in the fresh air Has become popular. By the way, I would Like to add that the Organizers did not forget about The comfort of poker players And in bad weather the Game area is covered with A special tent. And you can only enter The territory after they check Your temperature. Everyone has long known a High-profile story with exposing The fraud of Fedor Kruse, Who climbed the limits using Solvers on a parallel computer. After this story, the administration Of GGNetwork, for the first Time in its history, conducted A check for the use Of real-time prompters RTA And published the results. As a result of the Audit, accounts on GGPoker were Blocked, accounts were banned with Confiscation, and another received a warning. It has already become known That accounts received compensation, among Which the confiscated funds were Distributed in the amount of $. On average, each cheated player Received $, but not all of them. For example, the well-known Streamer "Pokerbrahs" was paid only $. it Is still an open Question whether Fedor Kruse was Blocked or not. The administration of GGPoker did Not publish anything about this. While some players who played With Kruse received small compensation, Others did not. Balazs Botond, MTT regular from A user registered on PokerStars Under the nickname birs, said That his account was blocked Until he could explain where He got the money for The game. Balazh was able to provide A long list of sources Of his income, which included The sale of an apartment. And this was his fatal mistake. Now the security service of The poker room is required To provide an apartment purchase And sale agreement, certified by A lawyer and translated into English. According to him, the apartment Was sold years ago and He did not have the Original contract to provide it At the request of the PokerStars administration.

Without looking at the absurdity Of this situation, you can Understand the concerns of the Game resource.

The fact is that large Poker rooms, such as PokerStars, Try to monitor the deposits Of their players in order To prevent fraud, namely money laundering.

Any suspicious movement of funds From one account to another The other one raises logical Questions for the security service.

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