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Special attention in poker is Paid to accessories

Poker is an exciting game That ranks first among the Most popular card gamesMillions of people around the World play it for fun, And professional athletes manage to Win impressive cash prizes at Various poker tournaments. The poker set allows you And your friends to enjoy All the fun of poker Without having to worry about it. Many people decide to buy A poker set in order To be able to host A real tournament at home For their friends. With your own poker kit, You can play at any Time, dictate the terms of The game.

Our company sells poker tables And poker sets.

The range includes models that Include decks of cards, professional Chips, and dice.

We offer you only the Best quality products.

In the online store “Billiard King” You can buy a Poker set that includes a Complete set of gaming accessories. They meet all the quality Requirements that are imposed on Professional equipment, and have a Stylish appearance.

A poker set can be An excellent gift for a Card game lover.

For a friend, the best Option is a small poker Set, which is offered in The case. made of aluminum.

no need to visit elite Casinos and various poker clubs

If poker is something special For you and requires an Exceptional attitude, then you should Buy a poker set in A case made of valuable wood. It looks stylish and prestigious And can impress other players. In our online store you Can buy a cheap poker Set, both for home use, And an exclusive set for Playing poker, for example, as A gift to an influential person. For your convenience, each poker Set on our website is Placed in a specific category Depending on the number of Chips in the set. When choosing a poker set, Pay attention to the value And size of the chips That are included in the Set, and to the case That should contain all the Accessories for the game. A poker case is usually Made of aluminum, wood, or leather.

Do you want to buy A poker set, but don'T know which model is Right for you? You may find it useful To know the answers to The following questions, which may Include: questions when choosing a Poker set: how many chips Are needed for a comfortable Game for - people, what is The difference between poker sets And how to buy the Most suitable one, in which Cases it is worth ordering A set with or without Face value? In this review, we will Try to answer the most Popular questions.

Many people who want to Join the world of poker Believe that it is best To buy a poker set With the maximum possible number Of chips. This is a fundamentally incorrect Point of view, because even If you buy a poker Set for chips, you can Still experience inconvenience when playing With four people. You may ask, how can This happen? It may happen that the Purchased poker set will have An inappropriate selection of chips That the player is going To use during the game. In this case, there is A huge spread between the Minimum and maximum denominations. So, if you use a Poker set of chips, and The selection of chips is In the range from to, Then You and your friends Will be able to play Very difficult. What is the best spread Of chips by face value? For tournaments, the optimal selection Of chips between the limit Values is from to, and When playing in small CASH, It is advisable to have A spread of chips in Denominations from to. For a comfortable game for A company of - people, chips Are usually enough, and for Tournaments for - people, chips may Not be enough. What matters is not the Number of chips purchased, but Their selection by face value! Poker sets can be, chips. When choosing a poker set, You should start with the Number of participants who can Take part in the home tournament. A set consisting of chips Provides a comfortable game for - participants. If there are or more Athletes at the poker table, It is best to buy A -chip poker set. For a group of players, You should buy a poker Set of chips, and for Four or five gambling enthusiasts, You should order a poker Set of chips. A set of chips is Suitable for a company of Up to people. The main criterion when choosing The selection of chips should Be the criterion of convenience For people playing. If you prefer to participate In tournaments or play games With a starting level of. and do not use and Chips at all, then the Right solution is to buy A poker set with a Minimum of or chips. In a poker set, the Minimum number of chips must Be between and pieces. Do not overdo it with The number of chips of The maximum denomination: the number Of the most expensive chips Should not exceed fifty. Think about how you are Going to distribute the poker Chips among the players. Poker set with no face Value: it can be more Versatile, as You choose the Cost for each color yourself And can change it during The game. It is suitable for those People who are going to Play in companies with different Game conditions. So in one place you Can start the game from Level or, and in another - From, for all you need To do is indicate the Cost of the color. The main disadvantage of a Poker set without a face Value is that you need To remember the value of All the chips participating in The draw every time. Face value poker set: it Tends to have a more Attractive appearance compared to the Non-face value set, as The chips may have an Original pattern on them. Using such a poker set, You will not have to Keep the chip values in Mind, which will allow you To focus only on the game. On the other hand, if You play for more than One company that has different Conditions, you will need to Buy a poker set with More chips.

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