Can I Play Poker In Russia In For Real Money?

But so far, as you Say, everything is deaf

The legislation will not affect Online poker resources in any way

Even if the entire country Was banned from playing poker, Players would still find a Way around it.

In order to restrict access To Russians, a lot of Events were held. One of them is blocking All poker rooms and sites Through Internet service providers.

I don't know about The casino or anything else

There are also rumors that It is planned to ban Russian banks from transferring money From citizens to the accounts Of all online institutions. Poker in Russia is in A semi-legal position, because The game is played for Real money. In the Crimea, it was Supposed to make a gambling Zone, but so far everything Is deaf. Last year, a bill was Being prepared to legalize poker In Russia. It remains only to wait I agree with the opinion That it is unlikely that The Internet will ban playing Poker for real money, it Is simply physically impossible. I am very happy that I can play my favorite Game on the Internet without Leaving my home! Wow! It is strange that they Do not want to allow The game of poker more Widely, in many countries of The world it is generally Considered a sport. In General, the ban on Poker is illogical, since ot Is not a gambling game. Poker is an intelligent game Based on analysis. For me, it's like chess. And those for whom poker Is a gambling game are Usually called chips. Roskomnadzor won't be able To block all sites anyway. Therefore, I think that poker In Russia will continue to Exist for a very, very Long time. For some reason, I always Thought that everything was fine With poker in Russia, but There are some incomprehensible prospects here. There are no problems with This on the Internet. There are many Russian poker Sites where you can play For real money without any problems. Well, you'll have to Play poker on websites. But, I believe that banning Poker in Russia is unwise, As players will still find A way around it. It seems to me, despite The fact that I almost Always lose, even on matches, That poker is such a Beautiful game in the sense Of entertainment that it could Be legalized not only in Special zones. With the condition of limiting The money limit of bids.

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