All Card Combinations In Poker In Pictures

A poker hand consists of Five cards

Every novice poker player should Learn all the existing combinations And their seniorityThis is necessary in order To know how strong your Cards are in the current Hand, and based on this, Take further actions. There are only ten game Combinations in poker, so it Is not difficult to remember them. In any case, for the First time, you can print Out the picture below and Keep it in front of Your eyes.

All the poker combinations shown In the picture follow the Order of precedence – from The weakest one at the Bottom to the strongest one At the top.

There is also a brief Description of each of the Combinations – how it is Made up. However, there are complex and Controversial situations that require a More detailed explanation. Therefore, below we will describe Each combination in more detail, In the same order in Which they are located in The image. Even if not all cards Are directly involved in making A combination, they are still Taken into account. For example, only cards are Used in a pair, but Any remaining cards that are Kickers see definition below are Used to determine the winner If both combinations are identical. Royal flush is the most Famous combination of poker games, Which is extremely rare some People may not get it Together even once in their Entire life. This hand this is what You can also call a Combination consists of five matching Cards arranged in ascending order And ending with an ACE. This means that the sequence Of JQKS of the same Suit is a Royal Flush.

In this case, it is Committed no matter what suit This hand is-all suits Are identical.

Therefore, A Royal flush of Hearts will not beat a Royal Flush of spades.

By the way, in Texas Hold'em, several players can Collect Royal Flush combinations only In one case – if All the cards that are Included in the game are Used up. in this hand, are on The table. It differs from the previous One only in one way – a suited sequence can Start with any card, while A Royal Flush must start with.

The next highest hand in Poker is a Straight Flush

There may already be a Situation where two or more People will make a Straight Flush, and one of them Will have a higher hand, And it will be a Winning hand. The seniority of a poker Straight Flush combination is determined By the highest card. That is, if you have Of the same suit, and The opponent has of the Same suit, then your Straight Flush wins. The smallest Straight flush has The form: A suited. Here we first encounter the So-called "wheel"straight. This is the only straight Hand in poker that doesn'T have all the cards In ascending order. A ACE in this case Becomes not the highest, but The lowest card. Four of a kind in The list of poker combinations Is the third highest. It represents cards of the Same value. It is logical that the Higher the cards included in The square, the stronger the combination. Therefore, a square of four Aces is the strongest. In Kara, we first encounter The concept of a kicker. Here the kicker is represented By only one card, while In other combinations there may Be more kickers. It turns out that if More than one person has Collected a square of the Same value, then the winner Will go to the owner Of the older kicker. A full house is a Poker hand with three cards Of the same value and Two cards of a different value. The higher the rank of The cards in the top Three, the stronger the full house. For example, will be older Than K K. If two people have the Same rank of triplets, the Winner is determined by the Seniority of pairs. Flush – a hand consisting Of five cards of the Same suit. The order of their placement Does not matter. However, the higher the rank Of the highest card, the Older the combination will be. For example, A wins over K QJ. the Suit is not has No effect on the seniority Of the flush. A straight is defined as Five cards placed one after The other in ascending order. As in a Straight flush, The value of the largest Card in the sequence is Important in a straight Flush. It turns out that the J q K A is The highest straight. The smallest possible combination in Poker is our "wheel" A. A Troika is called three Cards of the same value. As you can see, there Are already two free kickers here. Therefore, if two or more Players have identical triples, the Winner will be determined by The rank of the oldest Kicker first, and then if These kickers are also equal By the rank of the Second kicker. Naturally, in this combination, the Oldest will be AAA. It is not difficult to Guess from the name that This poker combination consists of Two pairs, naturally of different Values otherwise it would have Turned out to be a square. If two players have collected These hands, then the winner With one pair older than The highest pair of the Other player wins. If both pairs of y Two people are identical, again Pay attention to the kicker. Just two cards of the Same value. The oldest couple And the Youngest is. There are three kicker. Therefore, if you and your Opponent have collected identical pairs In terms of seniority, then Look at the rank of The oldest kicker and compare It with your opponents. Everything is simple here, just Like in other combinations with kickers. When none of the participants In the hand has anything In their hands, the winner Is determined by the seniority Of the highest card.

This hand can be called The five kickers.

These are all card combinations In poker, and they are Described quite clearly for beginners. If you have any questions, Ask them in the comments Section below.

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