A Review Of The Poker Club Sochi

The club is open around The clock days a week

The Sochi poker club is Organized in accordance with international standards

Poker series and tournaments are Held on the nd floor Of casino Sochi.

The game takes place on Tables, each of which is Equipped with shuffle machines. The main games are Texas NL and Omaha PL. We are also ready to Offer you -card Stud, Hi-Lo, Crazy Pineapple and other Types of poker. The Poker club has all The necessary conditions for both Professionals and beginners. Intelligent, legal, and secure poker Has come to the fore. Sochi seriously and for a Long time! It is a great honor For me to be at The helm of the Sochi Poker club, a club that I am sure will soon Become the center of poker Not only in Russia, but Also in Russia. Russia and the CIS, but Also throughout Eastern Europe. We didn't just open A poker club, we opened A new era of club Poker in our country. Order individual service in a Separate VIP lounge on the Second floor of the casino. Blinds from Yandex units.

Cash games are held on The st floor

The minimum request is Yandex units. Commission from Yandex units per Hour per player. Use the "closed table" service With a fixed Commission per Hour per table and determine The blinds of the table And the composition of participants yourself. Win in the world of High stakes! If you still have any Questions, please contact the Manager Of the Sochi Poker club By phone. We return after the new Year holidays with a new One the season of the Most popular tournament series of Sochi Casino Sochi Poker Festival. We present the "Player of The year" award to the Best players of the Sochi Poker club and get rating Points according to the prize Places taken. Follow the player ratings on Our website!.

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